Enterprise Mobility Is More Than the Devices You Use

Enterprise Mobility BYOD

The concept of “Bring your own device” or BYOD is becoming enormously popular in business because of the flexibility it provides businesses and their employees. Being able to use your own smartphone or tablet to access vital company data or update files while on the go lets you work much more efficiently.

When you think of enterprise mobility, you should know that it involves more than merely the devices you use, however. Enterprise mobility has to do with robust security protocols and the ability to effectively manage mobile devices, mobile applications and mobile information. Remote support and access to secure email channels is another important aspect of enterprise mobility.

Present Situation

Currently more workers than ever are using their own devices to work in whatever location is most suitable for their activities. No longer tethered to a desk or even company headquarters. Many industries are jumping on the bandwagon for Enterprise mobility and mobile warriors are taking their devices out into the field to great effect.

Despite the availability and widespread use of Android and iOS devices, approximately 64 percent of apps being used in the enterprise environment are Windows applications, according to a recent Citrix survey. HTML5 and Web apps account for about 20 percent of installations, followed by Software as a Service apps representing 10 percent. Purely mobile apps amount to about 6 percent at present, noted Citrix.

Benefits of Using Enterprise Management

  •  Employees can easily work from any location and collaborate at any time
  •  Your customers can engage with your organization more readily because the lines of communication never close
  •  Lower costs to own and a greater return on investment compared to staying with standard desktop applications

Challenges Faced in Enterprise Management

While your IT department may initially balk at the extra work involved in vetting the equipment your employees want to use, formulating a BYOD policy and enforcing it is of the highest importance. It lets you have peace of mind that your network will remain secure and only accessible to authorized users.
Another challenge involves the cost of developing customized apps for enterprise mobility. Rather than paying exorbitant fees to domestic developers, many firms find it much more cost-effective to work with an offshore developer, such as the talented team at OpenXcell.

If your employees are unaccustomed to the rigorous safety protocols required for secure enterprise mobility, you will need to take some time to educate them on the issue. For example, CDW reports that only about half of enterprises require employees to use the screen lock on their devices, but enabling this feature will protect you against information from being leaked.

A cultural shift is occurring in the enterprise environment, particularly as far as IT is concerned. IT departments are now feeling more comfortable about empowering their employees with mobile solutions because of new mobile device management software options.

The Future of Enterprise Management

future of Enterprise Management

Going forward, we at OpenXcell anticipate that many medium to large-scale businesses will find it to their advantage to create their own Enterprise Application Stores or EAS to exert even tighter control over employee devices and applications.

This is especially critical because approximately 50 percent of business-oriented apps will be used on mobile devices during the next few years, according to recent report from IFSWorld.

If your organization wants to unleash the power of enterprise mobility, you have a number of considerations to take into account, including how to manage the apps and the devices your employees prefer to use, as well as the security you need to protect your valuable intellectual property and other data assets. The team at OpenXcell can assist you with your enterprise mobility plans. For more information or to get started on a new project, please contact OpenXcell today.


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