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Our Enterprise Social Networking services and solutions help brands integrate social technology into business and improve brand reputation.


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If you’re looking to unlock the hidden power in your organization, enterprise social networking may be just what you need. Not only can you use social networking for marketing and extending your brand, it will serve as a powerful recruitment tool for highly qualified job candidates. Internally, social networking will change the way you do business for the better.

OpenXcell’s Value Proposition for Enterprise Social Networking

The rise of social networking amongst people from all across the world has connected friends, family and colleagues to an unprecedented degree. Now, enterprise social networking is helping organization keep their employees more connected than ever by enhancing how they communicate internally.

Social media in conjunction with mobile technology, analytics and cloud computing services (SMAC) has resulted in many enterprises being able to collaborate much more effectively in real time. OpenXcell offers our customers services and solutions covering the entire social networking framework.

We make it our highest priority to build value for our customers, helping them to become more engaged as they network their employees through the latest social networking technologies.

Consulting and Strategic Thinking

Get your company ready for a new way to get work done. By implementing a social networking strategy, you will harness social business and poise your firm to work better collectively. OpenXcell’s social networking experts have experience helping corporations connect their employees through this exciting new digital medium.

Integrating Social Media in Your Enterprise

We will assist you in employing the latest social networking concepts to better engage all your employees and connect them seamlessly with one another. This is essential for eliminating department silos and will reduce the costs of operating your enterprise.

Build Effective Communities

Great work is eventually done in communities, even when it is instigated by individuals and worked on initially by solitary workers. OpenXcell will consult with you on the best approach to build the most effective social community. The result is new product innovations as your team members spark ideas off of one another through their social connections.

You can also mine through employees’ online conversations to derive more actionable insights that your company might not have otherwise noticed.
Strong employee communities can also give better customer support as well as boost sales. Keep in mind that this fact alone may be reason enough for many firms to begin implementing enterprise social networking.

Improve Your Organization’s Reputation

Your organization can get better control over all your social networking communications thanks to improvements in managing your corporate reputation and image.

It’s also easier to track, manage and intervene when there are social networking-related problems (such as failure to respond quickly enough to online criticism).

Why Partner with OpenXcell for Enterprise Social Networking?

OpenXcell is digital technology development firm that focuses on delivering projects that are driven by the latest technology. We have been the creative and development force behind many software implementations done under white label arrangements. Accordingly, our technical expertise is well known in the software and technology industry.

Serving clients ranging from small companies and nonprofits to the biggest government entities and global enterprises, OpenXcell is proud to have become a leading technology firm that offers practical and efficient solutions to its partners and clients for all their technology and software requirements.

  • Everyone at OpenXcell is fluent in English to ensure easy communication with our overseas customers. If you’ve had poor results because of communication issues during a previous offshored software project, you will be glad that you have now chosen us.
  • At OpenXcell, our team follows the Agile method of software development so we can work quickly and efficiently as we innovate for our customers.
  • Managers track each project carefully, ensuring that quality assurance testing is done through all phases of development.
  • We’re proud to have won the GESIA award twice so far in recognition of OpenXcell’s commitment to the highest level of customer service.
  • Our goal is to deliver you error-free code the first time, on time and while adhering to your organization’s budgetary requirements.

For more information on implementing enterprise social networking at your firm, please contact OpenXcell today.

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