Firebase-Demonstrate and display data in Real-time


One of the transformative factors within the mobile internet ecosystem is real-time information. Not only the demand for real-time information has increased, but also the way it is being consumed. Firebase has made a name for itself for getting it accomplished in the recent times.

Chat boxes changing color, animations for messages read/not read, tracking moving objects with fluid animation on a map and so on. The sole purpose here is to engage the user and facilitate one-to-one interaction in real-time.

A large part of this happens with the help of server infrastructure and platforms. Capturing inputs, processing them and showing them on the other side in the same moment; it is all necessary. Backed by Google, it looks as if Firebase is here to stay and become a popular name in supporting real-time interactive content.

 A lot of developers are turning to Firebase for quick creation and deployment of interactive content that has real-time visual elements. Let’s look at a few use case scenarios where Firebase is being used to deliver real-time content across platforms. Earlier, only the top companies could afford such real time functionalities with tech grown at their own labs. However, with increasing demand to make great apps, a demand always existed from app developers to be able to easily use such technologies. Firebase filled into that void.

 Some of the most common use case scenarios of Firebase-


Create a presence system for chat/messaging apps-

The delivery blue ticks on whatsapp or the small dot in FB messenger that rolls down in real time as your friends read a chat, all those can be done with Firebase. You can create an entire presence system in Firebase.

Apart from these, chat apps come with other types of animations as well. If you recall the chat app animation for hangouts, they come with subsidiary features such as colours, pop-up animations etc. Developers can easily create such animations for their own apps. In other words, It is easy and everyone can get it for their app(s).

Create interactive workspace-

Mobile apps are increasingly the possibilities of co-working spaces with rapid exchange of information. Whatever is produced is readily shared across devices. Technology such as Firebase are making it happen for individual developers too. Now, if a developer is dreaming to make something like google docs, where multiple people can edit a document and see those changes happening too, in real time, it is possible.

Two users editing a doc while seeing the edit happen at the same time too

Two users editing a doc while seeing the edit happen at the same time too


Create interactive graphic workspaces-

Have you ever played an escape game where multiple users can tap on to the screen and reveal hidden secrets? Objects that are moved by each user must be seen in action by other users in real-time. This is possible in firebase. One can also use this to create an interactive space for meetings where interior designers or software developers can collaborate in real time. 

Create Leaderboards-

Leaderboards are important for game apps. Leaderboards call for rapid change of data and a need to show it changing at the same time too. When you are making a MMORP game, you need leaderboards that comes with various types of data display functionalities and styles. Firebase can be used to accomplish this task. With small studios and Indie developers wishing to make multiplayer games, Firebase can help in price effective development and quick deployment.

Leaderboards display information at real time

Leaderboards display information in real time


Smooth and Detailed Navigation-

Carpooling and ridesharing apps are a common sight these days. Navigation is essential and must have visual comprehension. A user should be able to comprehend movements of the car or a group of cars. One can also use Firebase to track and direct movement of a system consisting of multiple vehicles. Apart from carpooling app businesses, they can also be used for enterprise and government projects such as trains, BRT networks etc. 

Scribble Together-

Not only moving objects together, but more than two people can draw on the same canvas at any given time. If you want to make an app that could allow a teacher draw stuff while students emulate the same on different parts of the world, it is possible. One can also create websites to plan and coordinate projects with people sitting on multiple locations.

Autorefresh News Feed-

Apps like Slack and Facebook must have the ability to refresh the feed on their own. It is necessary and a myriad of applications are demanding the same at this point of time. Auto refresh is a powerful feature and Firebase helps developers at the most basic levels to create Auto refresh Feeds.

There can be endless use case scenarios of Firebase and it only depends on what challenges your project brings with respect to real-time data usage and demonstration. All i want to say is, Firebase is a great technology that has the potential to get those fancy things done which are often a monopoly of large tech firms.

Arup Dey

Arup Dey

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