Firework Brand Marketing #1: Calvin Klein’s Steamy Campaign With Tinder

Firework Brand Marketing

Forget it! When you are a brand like Calvin Klein, there’s no way you can be all Mother Theresa about it. When you are a brand like Tinder, there’s no way you can be all Pope Francis about it.

Of course, the ad campaigns of these companies have to be freaking cool, raw, raunchy, real, steamy, scandalous… go ahead, throw in all sorts of synonymous in good measure. Yep!  In fact, the company has a lineage of sorts when it comes to notorious ad campaigns. Not surprisingly, the teaming up of Calvin and Klein and Tinder was always around the bend. Isn’t it?

And, matter-of-factly, the teaming up turned out to be picture-perfect. And according to Calvin officials, the ads the company crafted for Tinder precisely portrays the reality of modern day culture. So there it is. Raw Texts, Real Stories of Real Life Couples dominating this dating app. What’s the catch? The campaign has #mycalvins call to action lines inviting fans to actively participate in the campaign.  All they have to do is post a selfie of themselves wearing Calvin Klein.  Was that a good enough reason to go for a new pair of branded hot jeans? Go ahead, give me a piece of your mind in the comment box below.

Calvin Klein The Brand

Calvin Klein has been a history-sheeter of sorts in terms of notorious, provocative campaigns. In the 1980s the company’s campaign saw the 15-year-old teenage actress Brooke Shields modelling for the brand’s jeans and muttering a short, yet a legendary controversial line, “Do you know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”

Justin Bieber

Some time back, the American label featured heavily tattooed Justin Bieber as the face of the season, for its spring collection, followed up by a denim campaign featuring social media star Kendall Jenner. Both the ads did what they were designed for: Grabbed eyeballs all across the globe.  More than that, it resulted in an uptick in sales.

The new campaign with Tinder will somewhat be a departure from convention, given that it would be text-heavy sexy messages.

Tinder the Popular, Highly Trafficked Dating App

As it turns out, the chat dating app has no fewer than 20 million social followers on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter who are busy swiping left and right through 1.6 billion Tinder  profiles and are making more than 26 million matches per day.

The Firework App Marketing Campaign that it aims to be

In keeping with the appholic times and its image, the company joined hands with popular dating app Tinder for yet another racy, rousy campaign launch.  The company has though labelled Mario Sorrenti -shot images subtly as ‘sociological experiment turned fashion campaign’ it candidly portrays a real picture on how the digital dating landscape operates and how instantaneous it is. Sure enough, the campaigns are pretty much overt and provocative.

Featuring “raw text, real stories,” (that’s the tagline as well) the #mycalvins campaign gives a sneak peek on intimate chats between the real-life couple actors such as Will Peltz and Kenya Kinski Jones (shown in the print ad below). It features an emoji-heavy text exchange from a guy to his girl.

calvin-klein firework app marketing

Reality Bytes

The campaign has been inspired by actual events and people.

“Our past campaigns have been more image-driven, and this one was about starting a conversation through provocation,” quipped Melisa Goldie, Calvin Klein’s CMO. “We saw a behavior happening out there—and not just [with] the younger generation. It’s really dating via digital.”

Goldie added, “It’s authentic and true to how this consumer communicates. We’re highlighting the truth about dating—the meetup, the hookup and the freedom that you have through the digital dating landscape and how instantaneous it is.”

These love stories won’t be less romantic, and would more or less lean toward casual encounters. This is one aspect that would appeal the Tinder community, given that it’s a platform to hook-up rather than meet a future spouse. While the content is in a narrative form and interesting enough to draw the attention of the audience, it is purely advertising and has no incentive in place for the visitors.

Other Marketing Tools Adopted

The company has rolled out the Tinder campaign as on its digital publication ‘Vice’, in addition to doing print advertising.  Further, the company’s social media pages will be sharing the ads as well; coupled with a call to action with the hashtag #mycalvins hoping users will share the posts.

Target Market

Obviously, it’s got to be the youth.  Generally speaking, only a few brands are aggressively targeting younger generation as Cavin Klein.

OpenXcell’s 2 Cents

Tinder is gradually gearing towards advertising. So, it goes without saying, the early birds will catch the worm. As in, those brands that collaborate with Tinder in the beginning are sure to gain beyond expectations. But then, for this you need to ensure that only high-quality, pertinent content forms a part of this campaign.  And, at the same time, also ensure that social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are part of it.


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