Google Prescribes 5 Top Antidotes to Fight App-nesia

Google's Antidote for App-nesia

“Are you suffering from App-nesia?”

“Yup, I repeat, App-nesia.”

Yours truly suffers from it often. And, I bet, every single app user out there is suffering from it, sometime or the other.

Okay! Okay! Enough of beating around the bush.

Coming straight to the point: Well, App-nesia is a newly coined nomenclature by Google and its fellow research associate IPSOS to describe app users’ state of mind when they forget using certain apps. Got it!

And, as you have guessed it right, it has been derived from the word ‘amnesia’ that means – selective or total loss of memory.

With Google and its associate IPSOS claiming that in the U.K. one in five apps, specifically in categories such as travel, retail, and restaurants, are forgotten, we reckon that the situation won’t be much different, probably alarming, in other countries. Unarguably, there was a need to address this issue asap, and apparently the term App-nesia fits the bill, perfectly.

So, let’s face it. App-nesia is a reality these days. And not just you, or me, several app users across the world are suffering from this disorder.

But despite App-nesia and all, apps still enjoy a lion’s share in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. Of the 1200 UK app users surveyed, about 47% users admit of using apps for instant information gratification while 17% said they would rather opt for a mobile site rather than an app.

Long story short is that, apps stand for quickness and simplicity, and plus they are the safest bet when it comes to fast-tracking tasks.

Some Stats That Speak Solely In Apps’ Favor

Navigation Simplicity

– 50% prefer an app for navigation simplicity while 31% prefer a mobile website.

Loading Speed

– 46% believe an app is quicker while 29% feel that mobile sites could take over any time.

Ease of Use

– 51% prefer installed apps as lo-gin details are already there

Speaking of Mobile Website, people turn toward it only when they are seeking in-depth information.

So, take in account what makes your app tick; and then go on and play to your apps’ strength. Fortify its forte, in other words. And, in next to no time, you will come to know that your app is the flavor of the season.

So, as an app maker if you have forgotten apps in your kitty, but have full confidence in your apps’ strength, instead of letting your app slip into the oblivion, get your act together and work out re-engagement tactics right away.    

For your information, it’s a nonsense notion that forgotten apps are no good, and that its features are not up to the mark. On the contrary, forgotten apps and popular apps, in all probability, are sailing in the same boat, quality-wise. Forgotten apps are practically as good as popular app, in other words. It’s just that the former hasn’t kept the users engaged long enough, and that’s wherein the damage lies.

App Behavior Across Categories

As per the survey, travel and holiday apps are instantly forgotten (33%), followed by shopping apps (18%) and restaurants and take away apps (17%).

So, despite apps being the be-all and end-all for most, app-nesia or forgotten apps is still a reality. So, what should app marketers do to really accelerate app downloads? As I mentioned earlier, chalk-out a full-fledged plan on what makes your app tick and then go whole-hog about it. According to the research, shopping apps, for one, are exclusively downloaded by only loyal users, travel apps, on the other hand, are downloaded on recommendations. Dining apps, for what it’s worth, are downloaded to make the most of discounts and rewards available. Hope, you got the drift?

Crucial Charts:

Customer Behavior 1

customer bahavior 2

customer behavior -3Customer Behavior 4

Come to think of it, App-nesia or no App-nesia, apps are here to stay. But then, we still need to find a cure for app-nesia.

Thankfully, Google has prescribed some amazing antidotes to fight app-nesia


Here goes those 5 Top Antidotes to Fight App-nesia

1. Fortify Your App Engagement Tactics

It’s not for nothing the app experts are going ga-ga over app engagement tactics. It is one of those strategies that can single-handedly drive gazillion downloads for your apps.

So ensure as an app developer that every app of yours is fortified and fostered with fruitful engagement tactics. And it’s not that difficult too. Simply identify the strong point of your app and then move heaven and earth to make it work.

If your app has already caught the attention of the users once, and you are sure of its quality, then go on and try your luck once again. Meaning, remind users once again about the existence of that shopping app that you developed a couple of years back.

According to Google, nine of the ten apps in the travel, holiday and shopping space are super good and users for no particular reason had forgotten about their existence. But then, the former users have expressed their willingness to re-use them .

2. Make Push Notifications Work For You

Push Notification can be the redeeming factor for your app…so use it wisely. Push notifications that come with specific reminders or incentives provide the best results. But for this, you need to do some homework in terms of tracking in-app activities, creating segments and all and then target accordingly.

3. Push the boundaries of advertisement

If you think that advertisements are just meant to drive downloads, think again. In addition to downloads, advertisements also come handy as a re-engagement tool and is meant to send the user straight to the most relevant page. However, ensure to tailor the ad message to the audiences’ liking. Given that it’s easier to track people with apps these days, it becomes really easier to re-engage them with new messages after they have started engaging with your ad content.

4. Setting up customs links

Getting your app advertisement readied is just half the work done. You also need to work out ways, so that the user lands on the desired page of your app when he taps on the advertisement button. So, don’t forget to, get your app development team to set up custom links within the important pages of your app. This would if anything, ensure that users are been directed to the page that meets their needs.

5. Measure, test, iterate to re-launch

An app helps in humungous harvesting of data points as well. But for this, you need to ensure that third-party tracker tags are in place. The data so collected helps nail down key performance indicators that perfectly resonates with your brand and its audience. Based on the data gathered, you can make changes in the existing app or overhaul the offerings.

Final Thoughts:

App-nesia is a curable, says Google. So go on and revamp your existing app marketing strategies to make those forgotten, former apps of yours go up and about.

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