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Backend Engineer is an integral part of the software development team, and they are responsible for developing the structure of a software application. Most of their time is occupied with writing business logic, server scripts, and APIs. All of these are later utilized by front-end developers and UX designers. In other words, the main responsibility of a backend engineer is to build the software application framework.

Some of their day-to-day operations consist of server optimization for speed and reliability, security systems implementation, generation of reusable code libraries, and data storage solutions. Backend Engineers possess knowledge of C++, Python, PHP, Java, Scala, and Ruby, along with in-depth knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures. In addition to analyzing customer requirements, the Backend Engineer offers to consult services to address design elements and coordinate software implementation.

Why Backend Engineer?

Backend Engineers are in great demand. They lay the groundwork for the software team for the key objectives they need to accomplish. Openxcell Back-End Engineer would support your company’s needs in every way. They build new functionality that makes current code portable and shifts in a live environment completely. By understanding the goal of the website, they come up with innovative solutions.

Backend engineer has to play an admin role for the backend team. They take responsibility for the success, deadlines, and other things of a project. They communicate with the senior members about the requirements and the progress of the project. For a given mission, they must settle on the appropriate tools, including man and machine. He also must coordinate with the front-end developer and engineer and understand the tasks of each design component.

Depending on your project requirements, the responsibility of a backend Engineer may vary. From charts to diagrams, they gather all for visuals and also write the codes by themselves. They concentrate on scalability and consistency and know how to write effective databases with SQL queries.

Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • Optimizing of servers for scalability, speed, and stability
  • They Implement security structures in best practices possible
  • Generation of reusable code libraries so they can be implemented in future
  • Data storage technologies are developed
  • Regularly consult with the UI/UX and other front-end departments to reveal backend flaws and issues.
  • Examine server-side code for speed enhancement on a regular basis
  • Maintain server availability, thus ensuring that there is no downtime
  • Preserve a backup library before there are any changes to the server
  • Set all front-side apps backend usability

Benefits of Backend engineers

Backend engineers at OpenXcell are experienced in developing efficient backend frameworks with the help of various robust backend technologies. Our engineers have the expertise and experience to recommend and implement the best backend technology for your app. In combination with our experience of developing applications at the front end, OpenXcell helps customers grow their products end-to-end.

Skilled to manage multiple projects simultaneously, our backend engineers can prioritize, manage and deliver all the milestones of each project at a given period. Not just that, they avoid problems from accusing by good coordination and mission articulation within the team. Offshore Backend engineers from OpenXcell ensure top-class web applications that fulfill your requirements. Contact us and choose a team of your choice to develop your business’s valuable client touch.



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