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DevOps is broadly embraced and helps staff from entry-level posts to higher management levels interact and collaborate among employees due to its rich culture and practice. The company’s production and development environments will be designed and implemented by the DevOps team lead. Delivering a flexible, resilient, and cost-effective infrastructure and cultivating a team of first-class talents by directing and managing, designing career pathways, and fine-tuning recruiting would be among the DevOps Team Lead responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Managing & Developing – Team Lead DevOps are responsible for managing and developing various solutions for developed applications. They contribute new and innovative technology architecture concepts, as well as configuration management and automation methods. They train other DevOps team members on how to build processes. The DevOps lead is responsible for the design and technological leadership of the entire DevOps infrastructure and troubleshooting problems in production systems. They also allow for the automation of configuration management for all development, quality assurance, and production servers and continuous integration and delivery automation.
  • Strategizing – In addition, the DevOps Lead is responsible for developing software deployment strategies that enable DevOps engineers to deploy software/sites in every environment. They update configuration management tools, codes, and modules in order to streamline the process. Furthermore, the Lead DevOps Engineer identifies and implements data storage schemes like clustering to maximize performance. 
  • Design and Develop – DevOps Team Lead design, build and optimize comprehensive automation systems operating the company’s web, mobile, and data infrastructure platforms. Scaling strategies, developing automated scripts for streamlining software is also part of their role. Also, The Lead DevOps Engineer develops independent engineering solutions to deliver software at high speed and quality. 
  • Support and mentoring – They play a kind of cooperative role in assisting DevOps team members in navigating different technologies and reusable models and models, like reusable code, coaching the engineering developers department personnel. Lead supports engineering teams in implementing infrastructure lifecycle solutions and documentation operations to meet the quality and standards of the engineering department.
  • Other responsibilities – On a timely basis, they are required to keep up with the new industry trends on behalf of the DevOps team and the complete department. In addition, they conduct tests, research, and implement new technologies metrics.

Why hire Devops Team Lead

DevOps is considered to be a cultural shift in collaboration between development, operations and testing. Hence, having a Devops Team Lead is important. They work on complex and interesting systems and try to make a real impact. They lead the team of DevOps engineers and form new practices and a wide range of infrastructure and tooling to support the team. Our DevOps team lead can provide extremely specialized input and help distribute information through individuals and departments because of his scope of knowledge across many fields.

Devops Team Lead at Openxcell

Our talented DevOps Team Leads are responsible for maintaining collaborative efforts between team members. They help and make your development process streamline, providing you with accurate time information on the status of a particular application. Maintenance is what we concentrate on as an essential requirement in DevOps. Our DevOps team lead measures the team matrix for automating tracking, deployment time, mean time to repair (MTTR), and more. Contact us and take advantage of DevOps Team Lead services for your project.


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