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In a software organization, a Quality Analyst plays a vital role from initiation to completion phase. Their main goal is to accomplish manual testing and then moving towards the automation part. Our offshore QA Analysts ensure that all the testing functionalities are working correctly. Our offshore Quality Analysts will support your planning, designing, and executing the project that involves simple to complex responsibilities. They will work with your development team and validate the test cases considering system requirements. Our offshore QA Analysts implement the quality assurance principles and practices throughout the SDLC.

The quality of the product is what counts in the software development world. The concept and design can’t identify flaws that you could have easily avoided. Our offshore Quality Analysts ensure that the processes work as planned. They are responsible from the planning to the implementation phase and deliver your product adhering to the deadlines. We need to satisfy our clients by providing high-quality products that meet all the requirements.


Roles and Responsibilities of a QA Analyst

  • Our offshore QA Analysts develop and execute the test plans to ensure that all the objectives are met.
  • They identify and remedy the defects within the production process.
  • They implement and monitor test scripts to assess functionality, performance, reliability, and quality of the service or product.
  • Our offshore QA Analysts recommend, implement, and monitor preventive and corrective actions to achieve quality assurance standards.
  • They compile and analyze statistical data.
  • They ensure that the user expectations are met during the testing phase.
  • Our offshore QA Analysts draft quality assurance policies and procedures.
  • They investigate all the customer complaints and product issues.
  • Our outsourcing team ensures ongoing compliance with quality and industry regulatory requirements.

Best QA Analysts to Work With

At OpenXcell, our offshore team helps you through all phases, blending business plans and technology to ensure your business achieves the desired results. Our methodologies provide added value to both companies and customers. Our outsourcing team adopts a structured approach to consider your needs, plans a sample to fulfill your concept demands, execute the proposal software, validate the finished product, and guarantee successful maintenance. We design and build user-friendly, high-performance apps with a codebase, making product creation faster and cost-effective.

OpenXcell team guarantees to offer you a high-quality offshore QA Analyst to meet your criteria. Please share your business requirements with us and choose a team of your choice to create a valuable customer touchpoint for your business. Contact us to know more!



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