How To Milk Video Ads For A Better Gaming Experience

Milking video ads is akin to walking on eggshells

There’s no coming around the fact that video ads are worth a million words.

So, no matter what, you need to mightly marshal all of your mind resources, not to mention research and elbow grease, if you are really keen on developing up to scratch video ads in the first step itself.  There are loads of do’s and don’ts, in short, the app developers and marketers need to take into account when it comes to displaying video ads in game apps. Ummm… it’s like walking on the eggshells, literally. Meaning, if you go a little bit here or there, if you don’t tread carefully, you may blow up your chances in terms of user engagement and monetization.

But then, why bother about video ads so much? Simply because video usage across computers, smartphones, and tablets has grown nearly by 20% in comparison to the last year. So we reckon that it’s high time for app makers/marketers to earmark a good portion of their budget on the same.

But before we talk about the various video ad strategies that you need to adopt for game apps, here’s a quick glance on the kind of videos ads.

Types of Video Advertisements

Video Ads are of varying lengths. Min  15 seconds. Max 30 seconds.  And as far their types go, there are two, coupled with two different types of implementation.

The two types of video advertisements include Forced and Unforced.

Forced Videos Ads

Naw! I am not in favor of this (but who needs my opinion anyway) given that forced videos are sure to get the goats of users  because that they cannot skip it by any means. They have to bear it, anyhow. Period

But then the biggest incentive of displaying forced video ads in your app is that it always gets the app developers the bang for their buck. But then, given that it interrupts the natural flow of the game, app makers, and app marketers seldom use it.

Un-Forced Video Ads

Unlike the Forced Video Ads, unforced video ads come along with that much-needed ‘skip button.’  So users could easily skip the video content inside the app. These types of ads result in lower revenues, but then it offers better user experience.

Types of implementation

Voluntary Ads

Given that, they are opt-in ads the user has a choice to initiate the video ads. And, the best part is that users are generally rewarded with a virtual item for watching the ad.

Involuntary Ads

The involuntary ads are displayed without the user’s consent.  These ads appear in-between levels or at certain milestones within the game. (Our app marketers 2 cents on Involuntary ads: Avoid them completely. It doesn’t bode well with Apple)

Take Note of The Following Points To Ensure That You Are Up To Speed While Developing Video Ads For Game Apps

1] Turn Your Ads Into In-App Purchases

Given that users are sparing a good 30-40 seconds of their valuable time watching ads, ensure that whatever you display is worth their time and effort.

One way to make your video ads worthwhile is to  go ahead and turn them into an in-app purchase thing. It’s the best way to add value given that every character unlock will make the user spend from his pocket. Jelly Button’s ‘Pirate King,’ as a case in point.

2] Tap Into Interstitial Ads

Which ads attract the best returns? Interstitial ads or the opt-in ads? Both are good; nevertheless, opt for the one that users are comfortable with. That said, ensure there’s natural breathing space between those non-stop rounds of gaming.

3] Try On the Face Opt-in Video Ads

Think of it this way. How would a user click on a video that’s nowhere to be seen?  As in, if the video is buried in the game, it would make it  almost impossible for the users to see it, let alone click on it.  Go ahead and solve this issue by displaying opt-in Video Ads, in the middle of the game, which ensures that users click onto the ad without too much of thinking and forethought.  But, always ensure that user is not getting disturbed in the process.

4]  Take Screen Size Into Account

Certainly, you want your videos ads to appear sharp on both tablets and smartphones. Good point that. Nevertheless, ensure that it appears smart on smartphones as opposed to tablets given that smartphones offer wider usage distribution.

5] Ad Interactive Content

Yes, user-friendly content is the name of the game. So, customize it to generate maximum user engagement. Of course, talking about it’s easier, given that customization and personalization are too much to ask for in terms of videos ads. So, the best way out is to introduce  ‘user touch,’  and it includes things like tapping, sliding functions.

6] Consider the Implementation Process

Every platform has its own set of APIs.  So you should at least have access to some of its basic functionalities while implementing them. Major platforms should have access to the following:

  • isAdAvailable()
  • playAd()

7] The Type of Game

Well, some genres are considered good, specifically the action games, as the player’s progression is set up at different levels, which is not there in case of other genres.

Plus, those games that have a virtual monetary system embedded in them.

8]  Time Your Ads Perfectly

It could be during the pre-game play, during the game play and post gameplay.

If the game is divided is into two levels, introduce it after the first level.  This won’t interrupt the user experience.  On the contrary, the player would feel energized.

And, in case the game needs the user to think for a few seconds before he progresses, then these are best times to introduce hints alongside video ads.

And, if the game has got different levels or stages,  and there are chances   that a player is going to die or leave the game midway, offer short bursts of video ads helping players accelerate the score in the last level they left off.

OpenXcell’s 2 Cents:

Terming Video ads as good is a candid insult to its potential. They are incredibly amazing in terms of monetization and user eyeballs. So even a faintest slip in the execution part might just turn your dreams into ashes. OpenXcell’s App Marketing experts have the experience and the wherewithals to help you tread this treacherous terrain easily. Get in touch with us right away and we would be glad to be your lighthouse for all your app marketing activities.

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