How To Use Burst Campaigns To Boost App Installs

Burst Campaigns to Boost App Downloads

Wish to launch your app with all the hype and hoopla?

Go to town with Burst Campaigns!

Hey! Don’t look back then!

Why? Because burst campaigns can guarantee awesome app store rankings, ensure instant inorganic app installs and on top of it, it draws loads and loads of eyeballs for your apps.  But then, the icing on the cake is those  outstanding organic downloads it draws for your apps in the shortest possible period of time.

So, why wait? Just get going and get burst campaigns on board.   

Once your bucket list is ready for burst campaigns, the onus is then on the app marketers to take it forward from there. As in, the ball is in marketers court now, and it’s their business to make your apps go viral and accelerate those installs. Long story short, bet on burst campaigns; for it is the best short cut strategy for those desperate for super-duper inorganic app installs, which in turn, could create amazing brand awareness for your apps, and consequently those most sought-after organic installs.

But then, mind you, it all comes for a price folks. There are no free lunches, as they say. Just loosen your purse strings and app marketers will rustle all their thoughts and resources to get your app the place it rightly deserves in the app stores and much, much more.

It’s given that 65% of the users discover new apps while browsing the app stores. So, bracing up for bursts specifically during new app launches ensure that these 65% of the users not only notice your apps but also install them at the same time. Rest assured, your app install  rates will climb up easily.       

Why App Developers Should Bother About  Burst Campaigns?

For sure shot app installs, in the shortest possible period of time, trust Burst Campaigns. They are considered the king of paid install campaigns, in short.

The logic behind burst campaigns is that app developers and marketers buy all the media vehicles that they can and then they spend on ads full-on for a token period of time. Sure enough, the app will witness a sudden spike in installs, which in turn, will have a direct bearing on the app store rankings. So, as soon as your app’s rankings climb, it will gradually transpire into increased organic downloads for your apps as well.

Best Times To Hold Burst Campaigns For Mobile Apps

1. New App Launches

Blast Off Your App Launches With Burst Campaigns

Blast Off Your App Launches With Burst Campaigns

The app spaces are spilling over. So, if you wish that your newly launched app grabs those eyeballs and user installs, marshal your thoughts and resources around burst campaigns.  It’s beyond a shadow of a doubt, burst campaigns are best for app launches for building awareness about your apps.

2. While Embarking Into New Markets /Countries

While You Embark Into Newer Markets (2)

New territories are good for new app launches, given that users don’t have any rating or user history to rely upon. So, clinching top ranks in the app stores is easy and far easier is to attract greater install volumes in newer markets.  

3. To Revive Drooping App Downloads

To Revive Drooping App Downloads 1
If your app is facing worst times, a burst campaign could  help  revive those drooping downloads, in the sense that it could get your app back on the track.

4. Holiday Seasons

Happy Holidays For Boosting App Downloads

App installs, in the U.S., are inordinately high during the holiday seasons. In fact, it’s that time of the year when users lay their hands on new smart phones and are quite keen to fill them with apps as well. So, a burst campaign during these times could really bring in those amazing downloads.      

Worst Time To Hold Burst Campaigns

Launching Niche Apps:  Beware! Burst campaigns are not at all meant for niche apps. You are barking up at the wrong tree if you are doing so. As the name suggests, niche apps are meant for a niche audience. In other words, the app is meant for specific classes of audiences, not for Jane’s and John’s. So, keep off from burst campaigns if you are launching niche apps.

Even then, if you wish to go ahead with your burst campaign strategies for your niche apps, brace up. Your app will be inundated with uninstalls, bad reviews, poor app ratings and all, which ultimately could hurt your app store rankings in a big way.

Best Practices For Burst Campaigns

1] Rope in As Many Ad Networks

As it turns out, don’t even think of using a single ad network for burst campaigns. It won’t work. Rope in as many as you can because different ad networks would have access to a host of inventory on a variety of publisher websites. This will seriously help app marketers purchase ads in bigger blocks. And, most importantly, working with multiple ad networks will surely give your ads a broader reach.

Some of the most popular ad networks for enterprise marketers include:

  • Appn20
  • Chartboost
  • InMobi
  • Fiksu
  • Millennial M

Given that your ads will be displayed by a fairly good number of publishers, you may have to rope in a measurement partner as well, to ensure that you are not charged multiple times for a single install.

2] Pay Attention to Pay-Per-Install Advertising

Target low-cost, predictable install distribution services. For instance, pay-per-install advertising, because it ensures guaranteed app installs. In contrast, display advertising installs are apparently not that promising. As in, users may or may not install the app on the seeing a display ad.

Additionally, incented sources are much more preferable than non-incented sources of traffic. And the reason remains the same. Incented sources guarantee greater app downloads as opposed to non-incented sources.     

3] Target Smaller Markets

Target smaller markets first, and then you can go ahead and increase your spend on the basis of those results.

4] Ensure Fresh Flow of Creatives

Fresh strokes of creativity could boost downloads.  So stow away those clichéd ads, and roll out fresh ones time and again. It’s easier said than done, I understand. So, prepare yourself beforehand with a good number of ads in high volumes.

5] Employ Attribution Analytics

Well, before you go full-on with your burst campaign strategies, we suggest you to arm your app with appropriate analytics. Attribution analysis would give inside insights about installs, as to where the installs are coming from and how users are engaging with it.  For what’s its worth, the data could be instrumental in optimizing campaigns, moving forward. And then, don’t forget to team up with a measurement partner to ensure successful performance measurements.

6] Overspend Not Underspend

Spend as much as you can in the first 24 hours of your launch. And, once your app climbs to that coveted top 50 position, organic installs will start happening. So, concentrate your largest spend during the first 24 hours. And, then gradually you can cut down the expenses by half or more.

7] Make Your App Look Good

Yes, the looks of your apps matter in the app store. So, get your app a strong set of screenshots, an appealing app icon, and a striking app store description. If you could manage to make your app stand out in the crowd, burst campaigns could do a world a good for your apps.

App Store VS Play Store – Which App Store To Target for Burst Campaigns

Apple App Store is burst-friendly as opposed to Google Play Store.

Because iTunes ranking algorithm, for one, is so configured that it ranks apps on the basis of  frequency of installs within the given time frame.  In other words, Apple App Store is a paradise for bursts.

best-new-apps-Apple App Store


Agreed, these days for an app to be figured in the ‘Best New Apps’ category, the blessing of Apple’s editorial team is required. But then, don’t forget the fact that the ranking system of App Stores is still in place and burst campaign is still one of the most effective strategies to get your apps on the top of the app stores, which in turn could draw the attention of the Apple Staff.

Google Play Store, on the other hand, accords loads of importance to actual usage, quality of the app, performance issues, SEO status, ratio of uninstalls, and more, in addition to volume and frequency of installs. Yes, you need to rope in all these tools parallely to gain good installs and rankings in Google Play Store. Solely relying on burst campaigns is not at all desirable.  You need to employ PR, paid campaigns, social buzz etc., to gain those installs on Google Play.

Why Burst Campaigns are Blasted Yet Considered Among the Best?

1] Quality Of Users

Blasted mainly because of the quality of the users…it’s not that great. Hmm…in other words…it’s poor. Because most of the users are installing the app for incentives. So, once the lure of incentives is over, users uninstall it.

But then, let me reassure you, this  problem is out-and-out manageable. No doubt, the users who install the app during the burst campaigns quickly uninstall it or have a low Lift Time Value (LTV). But then, don’t forget the fact that the basic objective of holding burst campaigns is to move up your app in the app store rankings and brand awareness. Going, forward the enhanced visibility ensures a higher number of organic installs and in the process offers a high LTV that’s so critical for your app success.

Come to think of it, the quality of users is undoubtedly doubtful in burst campaigns, but then remember, no other mobile app marketing strategies can hold a candle to it when it comes to inorganic downloads.

2] Incentivized Ads

Burst Campaigns fairly and squarely depend on incentivized ads and much less on the non-incentivized ads.  Meaning, it’s a costly affair. So, more or less, it doesn’t bode well with app developers.

OpenXcell’s 2 Cents

Burst Campaigns are great.  And, OpenXcell has the right mobile app advertising resources and networks to get you bursted on all the right platforms.

But then, admittedly, being an app development company, we firmly believe in developing apps that are armed with brilliant set features and functions that whets the appetite of the app users on its own accord sans any feverish app marketing campaigns.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to launch a new app, the benefits of burst campaigns could never be undermined.

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