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Cutting edge innovation in software is affecting almost every industry today. If you talk about modern-day computing, then, mobile apps, cross-device compatibility, and cloud computing come across as some of the most disruptive factors. A lot of technologies goes behind, for these three to materialize and substantially add to any business.

Having worked for 8 long years in mobile apps and cloud computing, OpenXcell has accumulated a consolidated experience across major industries that are thriving on mobile technology and cloud computing.

We have worked with retail, shipping, technology, education, entertainment and other major industries. As an experienced company providing managed cloud services, we are proficient with SaaS, PaaS and a broad spectrum of technologies required for mobile app engineering. While we have worked for a number of industries, our core competency lies in building software systems for retail and logistics. We are specialized in that.

Here is a brief list of every major service we offer at OpenXcell-


It won’t be incorrect to say that our achievements are mostly based on our technology backbone. We are a leading company for mobile app engineering and managed cloud. Our major services within the technology domain include-

Mobile app engineering:

A preferred mobile app engineering destination with 700+ apps delivered till date

Software as a Service engineering:

Hundreds of SaaS-based applications across industries deployed and monitored till date

Platform as a Service engineering:

We create your PaaS architecture and optimize it for your app to run efficiently

Cloud Management:

With more than 600 projects deployed, we are a solid partner for cloud management and services


Retail businesses need robust architectures based on cloud with easy options to scale up or down. This is because of e-commerce businesses often have fluctuating traffic. Apart from this, we also provide services in retail for


Building e-commerce websites and their respective backends on cloud with respect to a tentative user base

Multi-Channel Management:

Enabled sellers to manage inventory across multiple channels with the help of numerous integration services and SaaS products

Integration Services:

Integration services to avoid switching between marketplaces. Our services allow you to bring all channels under one roof to easily manage inventory, shipping, and accounting

Mobile Commerce:

Mobile commerce services include building m-commerce apps derived from pre-existing e-commerce site  or optimizing the site for mobile viewing


Logistic related services include shipping integrations services and tracking services. We have an experienced team to build SaaS products for logistics. Services include:

Shipping integration:

Enable your e-commerce site with shipping integrations for multiple shipping service provider.

Tracking and Notifications:

Tracking services and notifications constitute to an important part in e-commerce logistics. Our integrations with multiple vendors across the supply chain make it happen for you


Health & Life Science:



Media & Entertainment:

Travel & Hospitality:

Real Estate:



Energy And Utilities:

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