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Similar to other industries, the automotive industry is also experiencing innovative transformations. This sector is not all about moving vehicles anymore. The consumers are now looking forward to smart functionalities in automobiles like vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems, biometric seat technology, driverless vehicles, fingerprint car starter, automatic speed control system etc.

Consumers are now expecting high safety, quality, ease of use and connectivity when it comes to buying or dealing with automobiles. Strong online presence has become highly significant for automobile manufacturers & dealers as the consumers are now using digital sources before buying, selling, or renting any vehicle.

For example, providing a 360-degree view of a car model can help you increase sales or sending regular updates to your client while his/her car is in the garage for after sale service can help you improve customer loyalty.

OpenXcell enables businesses into the automotive industry solutions to stay competitive and meet their sales goals by leveraging customized IT solutions like automobile software, web & apps development solution considering futuristic trends and technology.

Some of our software & app development solution for the automotive industry include –


Software Development

Our automotive software development solutions include –

CRM for Automotive for building customer relationship and improving loyalty

Automotive Inventory Management Solution for managing inventory across stores, warehouses and service centers.

Dealers Management software / Auto Dealer Software is used by vehicle manufacturing companies to track the performance of the dealers, stock with the dealers, sales turnover, incentives, etc.

Service Management Software is used by service centers to record the maintenance services provided after sales of the automobiles.

Billing and Revenue Management Software helping to track sales and revenue generated.

Employee Management System for streamlined attendance, payroll, gratuity, etc.

Warehouse Management Software to keep track of automobiles located at multiple warehouses


Mobile App Development

Our mobile app developers are experts at developing cloud-based and IoT enabled automotive mobility solutions which facilitate –

  • Taxi Booking for easy and cost-efficient travel options
  • GPS Tracking to locate places quickly
  • Fleet Management to minimize risk and improve productivity
  • Used and New Automobile Selling/Buying/Auction to increase sales
  • Vehicle Hiring/Renting to compare and choose as per the requirements
  • Garage Management to track the maintenance status of the vehicles
  • AR/VR Experience enabling 360-degree view of automobiles

Our IT solutions for automotive industry enable businesses to –

  • Improve business efficiency
  • Maximize profitability
  • Build innovative products
  • Establish better customer relationships
  • Regularize supply chain process
  • Enhance sales processes
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Stay ahead of competitors


Want to take your automotive business to next level? Just get in touch with us, as we can develop impeccable solutions improving the performance of your team, and customer experience.

If you are looking for a partner providing a complete set of software & app development services in the automotive industry, OpenXcell is the right destination. Drop an inquiry at now.

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