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Leveraging a broad spectrum of IT solutions for clients in energy & utilities which has highly transformed the way they operate, overcome their challenges in terms of production, and gain excellence in customer service.


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Energy & utility sector include water, gas, and electricity services which fuel our daily activities; is itself powerless without integrating technology into their business model. Whether it is about enhancing customer experience, improving security or streamlining operations, information technology plays a major role in helping businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

OpenXcell partners with energy & utility companies to help them reinvent their business model as per current trends in digital technology, stringent regulations and consumer demands. We excel in providing customized IT solutions to the companies in this sector, enabling them to lead in terms of enhanced customer service, smooth operations, and surpassing financial performance.

Having experience of more than a decade, we have pioneered in catering global clients in energy & utilities vertical with –

Enterprise Solutions

The enterprise solutions offered by us for energy & utility businesses, aim to improve their technical abilities, achieve goals in exploration and distribution, and eliminate all geographical barriers when it comes to circulating information or course of action. Harnessing the power of better vision and control over operations, we provide technological solutions for –

  • Product Engineering
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inventory System
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Assets Valuation and Management
  • Suppliers Management
  • Cost Management
  • Analytical Reporting

We very well understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and thus specialize in providing customized enterprise solutions depending on your requirements. Our value-added and innovative solutions help your organization to gain dynamism & futuristic approach, allowing you to take smart decisions ultimately leading your business towards growth and serenity.

Customer Service Augmentation Solutions

Gone are the days when people used to stand in queue for buying or paying bills for their utilities. Now, electricity bills are paid and complaints relating to any utility services are registered using smartphone applications. The tasks which used to be tedious before, are no longer considered as daunting now.

As the consumer demands have evolved at a great extent, it has become significant to stay updated in terms of technological trends for utility companies. We help businesses to augment customer services by offering solutions for –

  • Paying utility bills online
  • Allowing customers to track and manage energy use using smart meters
  • Registering complaints
  • Communication relating to payment reminders, service updates, delivery information etc.
  • Customer data analysis enabling improvising services in future

Improving customer services is the key to success of any business. We work towards transforming your customer service and help you to achieve your business goals.

We are experts at –

Software Development

Take advantage of our ability to build robust systems helping to manage diverse processes in your business like operations, production, marketing, etc., efficiently and effectively.

Web/Mobile Application Development

Whether it is a bill payment app or an application for monitoring energy use, we develop device independent, cloud-based, and user-friendly apps suiting to your business logic and requirements.

IoT & AI Based Platforms

With the help of highly-skilled technicians and experts, we have the capability of executing the most complex IoT and AI-based functionality making deployment of innovative products and services possible.

Want to revolutionize your enterprise processes that enable high productivity, streamlined operations leading to excellent customer experiences? Let’s get started with innovative and actionable solutions legitimate for your energy & utility business.

If you are looking for a partner providing a complete set of software & app development services in the energy & utilities industry, OpenXcell is the right destination. Drop an inquiry at now.

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