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Logistics are an integral part of e-commerce and online retail. Logistics involves physical distribution or physically moving goods from one place to another, meaning costs associated with human labor. To  ascertain its effectiveness, real-time information for logistics must be available to sellers all the times. Timely Shipping and Pickup constitutes heavily to customer satisfaction while untimely shipping services may have you earn a bad review pretty quickly.

OpenXcell has been working on Logistics services for online retail and e-commerce since 8 years. We have given logistics services to a wide spectrum of companies and e-commerce startups till date and can do the same for your business as well.

Our logistic services are comprised of shipping integrations with more than 10 shipping companies and tracking and notification services that we integrate with your system.

Let’s look at both and the respective offerings within them.

Shipping Integrations:

Shipping integrations are extremely important as shipping involves physical movement of the goods and hence money. We understand it’s important and provide a list of offerings that are relevant and productive for your e-commerce business.

  • Shipping integration for more than 10 top companies
  • Real-time Order tracking possible
  • International and domestic shipping
  • Generating shipping labels
  • Real-time status updates on shipments
  • Track 100s of shipping providers

Tracking and Notifications:

Auto generated SMSs and emails throughout product delivery is the gold standard these days. OpenXcell has bundled tracking and notification services for hundreds of e-commerce projects. Our Tracking and Notification services include-

  • Multi-stage tracking of the shipment
  • Notification service to SMS and email
  • Push notifications for apps and website
  • Tracking package on the site with item code
  • Real-time notifications on seller side about delivery or pickup

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