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Shipping integrations constitute as the most important factor in online retail logistics. These companies handle the physical distribution part and carry a huge weightage in creating a great customer experience. A large number of dissatisfying customer experience arise due to bad shipping experience and not the product. Hence, each time the product crosses a milestone in the shipping line, real-time update on request must be made available to the customers for a satisfying experience. And this happens by the help of an efficient shipping management software

This is where OpenXcell’s shipping integration services can help you out. We have shipping integrations available for more than 10 top shipping companies that include DHL, USPS, UPS, Blue Dart to name a few.   

If you really want to shine as a top seller in the marketplaces, shipping integration is necessary and OpenXcell will help get it done for you.

Shipping management system from OpenXcell will enable your business with:

Domestic and International Shipping:

With integrations from top global shippers such as DHL, USPS, and others, you can ship to any region in the world.

Real-Time Updates:

Our integration with these leading shippers will update the status in real-time. As an when the customers inquire about the status, they can fetch it in real-time.

Integration with 10+ Shipping Providers:

We can develop a shipping management software with more than 10 leading shipping companies. Unavailability of a specific shipper in one region will not hamper your business as you can assign that to some other shipper.

Track More than 300 Shippers:

You can track more than 300 shippers globally with the help of our shipping integrations so that your customers get real-time updates on every stage of the shipping process.

Easy Shipping Labels:

Our integrations help you download and print shipping labels of the leading shippers. Choose from different shipping templates to improve company’s branding.

Why Hire OpenXcell for Shipping Integrations:

OpenXcell has an accumulated experience of building hundreds of e-commerce projects with shipping integrations. Also, OpenXcell has its own SaaS-based multi-channel management software called Orderhive with a customer base in thousands and growing. To sum up-

  • More than eight years of experience in online retail and hundreds of projects deployed
  • Extensive experience in shipping integrations across hundreds of use cases
  • Extensive experience with Cloud computing across numerous use cases
  • Developers and Analysts with vast experience in e-commerce domain
  • Cost effective development
  • Daily Reporting on Workhive     

If you are looking for a partner for shipping integration, OpenXcell is a preferred destination. Drop an inquiry at now. Someone from our business development team will get back to you.

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