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As a seller selling goods online on your own website or leading marketplaces, you must have come to terms that real-time information about order and shipment must be made available to the customers. It has become integral to define a satisfying e-commerce buying experience these days. Real-time updates have become quite normative in the current times and every seller must have them integrated into their system.

To send real-time updates, we employ tracking and notification services. A host of technologies run in the back-end to push these messages to the user. These may include e-mails, SMSs or other services through which the user can be informed. Together, they constitute as your Package Tracking Software.

At OpenXcell our experts have been building custom notifications for a number of years. We have worked on a host of technologies to provide online merchants an edge in their business. Apart from the previous experience, we also have a profitable SaaS-based multi-channel management software called Orderhive. With orderhive we are serving hundred of online sellers and helping them manage real-time tracking and notifications.    

If you also want to build a tracking and notification system, then OpenXcell can definitely do it for you.

What would our services for tracking and notifications include?

Detailed Tracking:

Your Parcel Tracking Software can filter shipments by date, status, couriers, and destinations. This gives you enough insights your orders and their status.

Real-time Notifications:

Any change in the order status and a real-time notification will be pushed into your dashboard. You can remain updated on each and every product that is in transit.

Build Customer Experience:

Information for delivery status and transit can be continually accessed by customers. This adds a lot to the customer experience and your reputation as a dependable seller.

Information from 300+ tracking providers:

We can enable your tracking system to fetch data from more than 300 shippers for real-time updates.

Mobile Tracking:

We can also enable mobile tracking of orders if you demand a separate mobile app for the entire process.

Why Hire OpenXcell to create your package tracking software?

OpenXcell has an accumulated experience of building hundreds of e-commerce projects with tracking and notification features. Also, OpenXcell has its own SaaS-based multi-channel management software called Orderhive with a customer base in thousands and growing. To sum up-

  • More than eight years of experience in online retail and hundreds of projects deployed
  • Extensive experience in building tracking and notifications features
  • Extensive experience with Cloud computing across numerous use cases
  • Developers and Analysts with vast experience in e-commerce domain
  • Cost effective development
  • Daily Reporting on Workhive     

If you are looking for a technology partner to create tracking and notifications for real-time updates, OpenXcell is a preferred destination. Drop an inquiry at now. Someone from our business development team will get back to you.

Client Testimonials

"Often times we would have items come up unplanned. We would have to work through the night, and they literally worked around the clock. That’s what made OpenXcell a good partner..."

Swagata Sarangi,
Head of Marketing, Google India

"There's often language barriers and cultural differences that make it challenging. OpenXcell did a great job with that. We communicated well. They got the idea."

Stephen Anderson,
President, Netqwerk (Business Networking Startup)

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