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What is the secret of sellers with 4+ ratings on Amazon, Flipkart, NewEgg or Alibaba? It is an automated and efficient multi-channel management system working behind their business.

Online retail is a complex but competitive space. To remain profitable and build a satisfied customer base, a host of parallel services must run in coordination. If you are a seller selling on multiple marketplaces, each sale must update the inventory number on other marketplaces automatically. This way, no orders will be received after a point the inventory goes zero in your warehouse. As a result, you do not get orders which you cannot fulfill along with respective customers left with an unsatisfied experience.

In the same manner as inventory, online retail needs to automate a number of other services. This includes automatic shipping requests to shipping partners, dropshipping requests, real-time order tracking, Purchase management, and various other services. Until all of these services are automated, you cannot think of an efficient multi-channel management or a profitable online business.

With vast experience in building numerous e-commerce websites and our own SaaS-based multichannel management software, OpenXcell can be the best partner for your multi-channel management needs.

Multi-Channel Management services from OpenXcell:


Multichannel management is possible when your system has information from inventory, shipping partner, tracking services and various other points in real-time leading to successful order fulfillment from your warehouse to the customer. We have a cache major integration services that will automate your entire e-commerce business.

Inventory Management:

Inventory sync between your warehouse and various online marketplaces you are selling on. No product gets ordered beyond their available inventory.

Order Management:

Order fulfillment in simple steps across all selling channels. You can pack, ship, invoice and confirm the orders partially or fully. Any status change of orders is updated to integrated channels in real-time.

Shipping Management:

Choose from a cache of more than 10 shipping companies and logistic partners. Integrate the services that your business work with.

Order Tracking:

Real-time tracking of packages for more than 300 shipping providers is possible. Get instant notification on the status.

Dropshipping Management:

Create and manage dropshippers at your will. Automatically change the order status based on order processed by  dropshippers. Get shipment & tracking detail automatically updated.

Purchase Management:

Automate your purchase orders with respect to your inventory. Generate, email and print purchase order for your suppliers.

Analytics and Report:

We can provide you with real-time analytics and reporting tools for channel’s performance, inventory, customers, purchases, and a lot more.

Contact Management:

Contact Management where details of customers are dropped and arranged in a single place. Maintaining a comprehensive database of customers based on their purchase habits is essential.

Wholesale Management:

Allows your system to take recurring orders from your customers. Customers can order and track status.

FBA Automation:

FBA is popular with a large number of sellers, we will ensure full automation of FBA with the help of Amazon integration.  

Why Hire OpenXcell for multi-channel management?

  • More than 8 years of experience in online retail
  • Experienced with 100s of integration for inventory, shipping, order tracking etc.
  • Developed in-house multichannel management SaaS ORDERHIVE with a customer base in thousands and growing
  • Extensive experience with Cloud computing across numerous use cases
  • Developers and Analysts with vast experience in e-commerce domain
  • Cost effective development
  • Daily Reporting on Workhive

If you have an e-commerce development requirement for your business, you may rely on OpenXcell. Drop an inquiry at Our business development team will get back to you within a few days.

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