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Technology services from OpenXcell deal mostly with cutting-edge innovation directed towards the end user consuming it. This includes numerous mobile and web applications we have delivered to our clients till date. Having worked for more than 8 years on more than 700 mobile applications, we have mastered our skills with mobile app development. We are also proficient with critical support services that keep these apps running everyday. This includes managed cloud services, SaaS services, PaaS services and overall monitoring and upkeep of the cloud.

In other words, OpenXcell gives you a complete set of services mobile app engineering. Start with the idea, build your app, deploy it over the cloud and also have us take care of the project for future as well.

From startups to existing businesses wanting to move to mobile, OpenXcell is a useful and cost effective destination for everyone.

Let’s browse through the technology services we provide to make your business succeed-

Mobile App Engineering:

Mobile app engineering includes everything from an app idea to its execution and finally to its deployment in the app stores. Our mobile app engineering services are composed of-

  • Validation and Tweaking of App idea
  • Define the application goals and development platforms etc.
  • Development of UI and approval
  • Development of UX according to specific design principles
  • Programming the application
  • Back end development on cloud, preferably EC2
  • Rigorous app testing on app completion
  • Deployment of the app on the app store

Software as a Service Engineering:

SaaS services include an array of sub services that we put into use for a number of web and mobile application. SaaS engineering includes-

  • Determine the performance parameters of the app
  • Building apps with multi-tenancy
  • Giving custom features to group of users
  • Robust analytics and CRM features
  • Apps that can have external integration with other services
  • Social integrations with mobile apps

OpenXcell has built SaaS applications across industries and have also scaled them up as and when required.

Platform as a Service Engineering:

PaaS services from OpenXcell mostly includes setting up an efficient architecture on the cloud so that it gives more for less. PaaS engineering includes-

  • Determine performance parameters of the app
  • Deploy Operating System for your architecture
  • Tools for design and development
  • Specify the database management system
  • Specify tools for network access
  • Hosting services

Cloud Management:

After deployment, a large part of the job is to manage the app and the cloud based backend. OpenXcell has been doing that for many projects since 8 years. Cloud management services can be enumerated as-

  • Set performance parameters for the architecture chosen for your app
  • Set notifications and alarms for events when parameters are exceeded and additional computing power in required
  • Troubleshooting in case of fault or anomalies
  • Work on problem areas and parameters for permanent solutions

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