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If you have considerable complexity with your IT infrastructure, then Cloud Management services are essential for your business. You need a dedicated team to look into key performance parameters of your website or app on a regular basis. Apart from monitoring the key performance parameters, a cloud management team will also suggest required upgradation in PaaS or SaaS components in the architecture.

Having deployed more than 600 apps on cloud OpenXcell is an experienced company when it comes to cloud management. Our experts will also scale up your architecture as needed and would also provide services for overall upkeep of the cloud.  

If you are planning to handover your cloud management services to a professional company with extensive experience in SaaS and PaaS, then OpenXcell is going to be the right choice for you.

What does OpenXcell offer under Cloud Management?

Optimal matrices for Performance parameters:  

At OpenXcell, we make sure that your app or website consistently meet the performance parameters on a day-to-day basis. Any deviation from the expected benchmark; our team figure out a possible solution and make changes to the existing configuration.

Scaling and Migration:

Often Startups may attract a lot of users within a few days or weeks from launch. This is when our experts will help out with scaling up your architecture. If you are already running an on-premise architecture, we will help you shift to cloud and monitor your cloud architecture too.

Maintenance Services:

For sites that receive uneven traffic spikes during certain days in the week or specific time period in the year, our experts make changes in the configuration for your app/site to give a glitch-free experience.

Notifications and alarms:

We keep your budget in mind while configuring your architecture. We set notifications and alarms for events that may override the specified parameters of hardware usage. On receiving these notifications, we employ additional hardware for your app/site to deliver a consistent performance.

Why hire Cloud management experts from OpenXcell?  

  • 8+ years of experience with cloud computing deploying hundreds of apps
  • Proficient with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Numerous use cases across all industries handled
  • Extensive scaling and migration experience
  • Cost effective service
  • Daily reporting on Workhive

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