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Mobile app engineering is our core competency. We have deployed more than 700 mobile applications till date across all types of categories and industries. It does not matter if you are an established company or a startup, you can get your mobile app made from OpenXcell with the best price to quality ratio.

While making an app, approach towards an established business vs. Startup varies a lot. For established businesses our analysts lay more emphasis on understanding the existing business model as compared to startups where the emphasis is laid on validating the app idea instead. Our analysts confirm what is possible and what is not.

For startups, we always aim towards creating an MVP as soon possible. We understand that app startups bet upon the app big time and we do everything needed to come up with an app with a minimum set of features for startups to pull off the show and attract seed investment.

App Design:

The first stage of the app engineering process begins with app design. App design varies with the platform your app is being built for. While flat design convention are followed to make iOS apps, an Android app will be based on material design principles. You can read more about designs here(link to app design page).

Once we are ready with the UI we send that for approval. After that we incorporate changes, we start with the programming part.

App Programming:

App programming is one of the most important aspects of app engineering at OpenXcell. It defines the performance, ease of troubleshooting, ease of deployment and so many other things. Programming the app at OpenXcell depends on the size of the app and its dependant infrastructure and other aspects connected to it. Some of these can be-

  • Selection of app programming tool, Native vs. Cloud based
  • Selection of coding language with respect to DevOps
  • Programming the app
  • Review to find out code execution time
  • Find out minor bugs from testing functionalities within a mobile device

App Testing:

After the app is programmed and minor bugs are sorted out, it is time to put the app through series of testing cycles. There are a number of app testing methods and depending on expected performance parameters, your app is run through them. For example, if you have an ecommerce app that receives a lot of traffic spikes, we may put your app through a stress testing cycle. Likewise there are other testing methods such as load testing, performance testing etc.

At OpenXcell we employ a set of native and Web-based testing tools to assure that your app functions smoothly providing a great user experience. To know more about our testing services. Go to (link to testing page)

Deployment and Maintenance:

Once the app is approved and meets the performance parameters. It is set for deployment. Deployment and maintenance of the app include-

  • Publishing the app on app store
  • Hand-over of the source code to you
  • Fixing discrepancies if deployment is unsuccessful
  • Monitoring the app and its performance
  • Scale up to accommodate more incoming users

If you are planning to build a mobile app for your business then OpenXcell is a reliable destination. Go through our comprehensive portfolio and explore our work. Drop an inquiry to to post your requirement.   

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