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Platform as a service fundamentally removes the need for organizations to manage the underlying infrastructure (usually hardware and operating systems) while allowing you to completely focus on management and deployment of your application(s).

In other words, if you opt for a PaaS, you will not have to buy servers or operating systems that run these hardware which are largely self-managed. Also, you will be free from software maintenance and capacity planning if you plan to go for PaaS instead of your own hardware and Software.

At OpenXcell we have actively used PaaS engineering that created a lot of value for our clients. We are a prominent name among all PaaS development companies.

PaaS is always the best option for small-medium companies who cannot afford to invest in expensive servers and licensed operating systems to run them. For Startups, PaaS is the best way to start things. Startups need an independent and streamlined focus on the product. PaaS gives them that independence to save time that would otherwise be spent on maintenance of the servers and other unproductive things.

Why Use PaaS ?  

A number of reasons will make you opt for PaaS. Some of these can be-

Productivity and Streamlined Focus:

PaaS reduces the overhead connected to hardware and software management. Apart from the hardware, most of the PaaS service providers provide a spectrum of Operating Systems for us to choose. We make sure we select the best one for your project with respect to performance and cost.


Cost Reduction:

Setting up your own hardware and software to run the machine can be very expensive. No one wants to incur that magnitude of fixed costs. PaaS will help you get rid of that. With PaaS providers, you can select your own software and pay on the basis of usage.

Hassle-free deployment:

Running your own box will leave you hassling with a number of things. With PaaS services you can deploy the app with no overheads related to version update, power back up. Also, a lot of time is saved when you host on an app on a PaaS.

Effective protection against intrusion:

On-premise hardware and platforms are prone to intrusion and demand costly software for protection. Once you go for PaaS, not only you write off that, cost but also take advantage of the best security software guarding the cloud.

Periodic updates:

Be it EC2, Azure or Google Cloud, your PaaS will get periodic updates. Most of these updates are free. If you are running an EC2 instance with Fedora, you will receive all the updates coming from the Fedora developer community.

Large number of Choice:

EC2, Azure or Google, they all come with a long list of PaaS services. Even if you want to change it after a while, you may do it with ease.

Why Chose OpenXcell as your cloud PaaS provider?

  • PaaS projects across hundreds of use cases
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PaaS has made its way to becoming a necessity for hosting data on cloud servers. The many advantages of PaaS just make it a natural choice. If you are planning to opt for PaaS, you can rely on OpenXcell. Send an inquiry to right now.

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