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SaaS services have become almost normative nowadays. Nobody wants to hustle with version control, updating licenses, set up servers and build an IT department to run their businesses. While some medium size firms might want to do all that, small companies working on tight budgets cannot afford that at all. This is where SaaS engineering comes in to save your day. Your SaaS applications hosted on cloud servers will get rid of all types of overheads that you otherwise face setting things on your own.

When it comes to SaaS engineering, OpenXcell can become a natural partner for your project. We have built more than 700 apps/software till date, out of which almost 600 apps have been hosted on cloud servers. This is why we understand SaaS and what is takes to successfully run a SaaS project on cloud.

Why should you opt for SaaS?

There are a number of advantages for SaaS. Some of the most important are the following.

Reduction in Costs:

SaaS can reduce your cost by more than 50% as compared to on-premise infrastructure. Your IT department also becomes slimmer leading to lesser variable costs spent on salaries.

Streamlined Focus and productivity:

Businesses that are non-technical in nature do not want to deal with IT problems. With SaaS, these businesses can focus entirely on their core business areas instead of solving problems related to their IT set up. Hence, opting for SaaS will boost their productivity.

Quick Deployment:

SaaS gives your business the power to quickly deploy your app. Projects on SaaS have shorter implementation timeline. If your DevOps employs Docker or any form of container tech, within a few days you can have the entire system up and running.


Public Cloud services are guarded with the best security systems and accompanied by efficient data recovery management tools as well. You can be at peace with your data when you opt for SaaS.

Quick and periodic updates:

Be it EC2, Azure or Google Cloud, running your SaaS is always rewarding as they periodically give updates to the software (PaaS), many of them being free as well.

Service Level Agreement:

SLAs ensure an optimal level of service and support.

Why Chose OpenXcell as your partner for SaaS application development?

  • SaaS projects across hundreds of use cases
  • SaaS projects across industries
  • Consolidated experience of hundreds of SaaS projects on Cloud
  • Experience with EC2, Azure and Google Cloud
  • Hire developers of your choice
  • Daily reporting on workhive

SaaS is the gold standard these days with millions of businesses hosting their data on cloud. If you have been contemplating building a SaaS application, you can rely on OpenXcell. Send an inquiry to right now.

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