Key to Success

Offshoring can be highly effective by following certain tips to get premium product and technical support.


Consider Offshore Team As Your Own

People work best when they feel involved and when it comes to treating your offshore team there should be more interaction between the onshore and the offshore teams. This way you not only make them motivated to work but it brings clarity in intermediate goals as well, aligning them to your vision. Besides, introducing them to the company culture helps them understand the working norms of your company. Keeping a good rapport with offshore team members also encourages them to clearly communicate with the onshore team members which indirectly helps the project to proceed seamlessly.

Assign Leaders To Manage Your Offshore Team

Offshore team is an imperative part of your business’s success. To ensure they are highly productive, the offshore team must be equipped with all kinds of training and certifications. By assigning a leader for the offshore team management, you can improve team alignment, communication and agility for the job. However, while choosing the leader i.e. Project Lead for Offshore functions you must evaluate these key points:

  • He/She has complete knowledge of your business functions
  • His/Her communication and thought process gives clarity of business goals
  • He/She must be active in maintaining regular connect with his team through meetings and updates
  • Has some knowledge of offshore team’s culture
  • Takes accountability of team performance
  • Manages the KPIs, gives flexibility as well

Invest In Team Growth

Want to get best results and keep your team motivated for the project, start investing in your team members. Sponsor for their certifications and necessary training. To keep your team focused and dedicated towards your work, it is also necessary to keep them involved. Therefore,  you can also sponsor trips or lunch/dinner outings for the team to bond and feel encouraged to work for you. Most importantly, you need to invest your time and stay committed to your team. This way they will feel responsible for their stints and will try to give their best.

Team Visits Are Important

Visits to your team bring an understanding of the team members and also keeps you posted about the developments in the project. It also helps them to understand your goals and visions clearly through physically meeting you and sharing thoughts. Moreover, you get an insight of the team’s strengths and can also take on the spot decisions after conversing with the team.

Another advantage of meeting your team regularly is that you also get to network with other business owners that might be offshoring as well. It is often found that clients who don’t invest in connecting with their offshore teams often get unexpected results which leads to time, money and energy wastage. When you are out of sight, you are out of mind, the adage is indeed true when it comes to getting your business expectations fulfilled. Thus, ensure you pay visits to your team members and keep communications alive even from onshore.

Define and Align Clear Goals

Every specification in the project that you have delegated offshore must be clearly defined. Right from the project demands and the kind of interfaces it would need, must be stated clearly in a document. The clearer your demands, the better will be the outcomes. Thus, to avoid any confusion, every possible demand must be elaborated in order to create the design of the software futuristic and robust.

Trust Your Team

While offshoring for the first time, trust can be one of the crucial factors to delegate work to a company in a completely different country. However, when you trust your offshore team, they work more creatively and provide more productivity than you would have imagined.



The team at OpenXcell totally exceeded my expectations!

Tom Pendley, Founder, DRR Rescue

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