All about iOS 17! – Revolutionary Features and it’s supported devices

Despite being put to second after AR/VR, in terms of investment, iOS still owns the crown of the best selling Apple product. With more than 2 billion dollars in valuation, iOS is the biggest reason that Apple is now the largest company in the world. Lately Apple has announced the latest version of iOS, iOS 17. Let’s have a look at when the iOS would be launched and what all it would be bringing to techtable!

When will iOS 17 hit the market?

Before the Operating system hits the market in the fall, a developer version by the name iOS 17 beta has been made open to a few selected members. These members are registered members of Apple Beta software project and have public access to all the latest features.
However, observing past trends of releases we can say that iOS 17 will be launched in mid September around Sept 17.

iPhone compatible with iOS 17

If you are an iPhone user you can try the latest features of iOS 17 by enrolling into Apple Beta Software program which are available on the site. However, not all iPhone users will be able to use the iOS 17 as it is not compatible with a few older versions of the phone.

Given below is a list of all devices compatible with iOS17:

iPhone XS, XS Max, XR
iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
iPhone 12, Mini, Pro, Pro Max
iPhone 13, Mini, Pro, Pro Max
iPhone 14 Plus, Pro, Pro Max

Whereas following devices will not be able to access the iOS 17 features even via the ABS program.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X

Features that make iOS 17 ‘extraordinary’ in Apple’s own words

The latest version of iOS17 is here and has everyone talking. In its latest release, Apple had majorly focused on communication upgrades and here are few noticeable ones to watch out for:

Personalization and Name Drop

iOS17 brings hyper personalization to users by personalizing calls and messages. Users can personalize and customize what they see when they call. With a variety of graphics and content to choose from, iOS 17 provides many options to its users to play around with . Name Drop is the name of the feature that allows users to share contact information amongst iPhone users simply by bringing two iPhone closer.

Personalization and Name Drop

Live Messages

The latest version of iOS17 allows users to send a call to voicemail and see a live transcript of the message. This is similar to a video message which its users can send as video mail. Other features include having all iMessage’s in one place which is convenient for many apple users.

Live Messages

Check In : Automated Check Ins with friends and family

The latest security feature which is going to be very popular amongst female users is the ability of the phone to send automated check-ins to friends and families.

Check In _ Automated Check Ins with friends and family

Search filters

The new version of iOS17 has also taken care of slow searching by combining search filters and narrowing down search results to lesser, more precise results. This comes after a long wait to get this issue fixed.


By putting the phone on stand at night, the new upgrade allows the iphone to double up as a clock that comes with a range of clock styles. The converted clock also shows best pictures, using widgets and also shows live activities including matches scores, surveys and news. One of the most thoughtful features of StandBy is its ability to adapt to red light, which allows users to sleep well.


Transcribed Audio messages

For people who do not have time or are in a place where they cannot listen to audios, iOS 17 has proved that audio transcripts can be a boon. Users can read the messages and keep listening to the voice notes for later.

Apart from features, there are also a few that will be made available in the final version launched in September for the general public. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest iOS 17 and its reception by the masses.


While many have claimed iOS17 to be underwhelming compared to its predecessors, nothing can be said until the version actually opens up to the masses in September. However, it promises to live up to Apple’s name and popularity amongst its users. iOS 17 reception will also depend on its compatibility with devices and the soon to be launched iPhone 15 device.

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