Google Play is now supporting Web 3.0 experiences!

Google Play supporting Web 3.0

Google Play has become one of the first companies to update its policies incorporating Web 3.0 experiences. In a recently issued statement via a blog post, Joseph Mills, Group Project Manager for Google Play said, “As a platform, we always want to help developers bring innovative ideas to life. Google Play hosts a variety of blockchain-related apps, and we know that our partners are excited to expand on these offers to create more engaging and immersive digital experiences with tokenized digital assets such as NFTs.”

According to the statement issued, Google is now updating its policy to accommodate new ways and means to transact blockchain-based digital content within apps and games on Google Play. This will include increasing user loyalty in conventional gaming applications through unique NFT rewards, elevating the quality of creative in-app experiences and purchases all the while helping businesses to scale up to new technologies.

With the wide-scale adoption of Web 3.0, strict regulations to monitor these technologies are also emerging. In fast economies, every attempt is being made to safeguard its users and their experiences. Google is also implementing similar policies with the objective of providing a safe platform for developers and businesses to explore and innovate via new platforms and experience new opportunities. These policies will regulate tokenizing, purchasing, and selling digital assets like non-fungible tokens(NFTs) and make web 3.0 experiences for users more secure and transparent.

Google plans on implementing policies for regulating tax, ensuring consumer rights protection, safeguarding intellectual property, guaranteeing data privacy, and more. Technologies like metaverse, AI, and IoT have encouraged companies to rethink their privacy laws and Google is doing the same. According to Google’s policies, businesses are required to clearly disclose all earnings from the tokenization of digital assets to users. It will also prohibit any promotion of potential earnings from trading activities. This will not only reinstate user trust but also uphold its existing, ‘Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests’ policy.

Google’s updated policy paves the way for novel and engaging in-app experiences across the Google Play platform. The company believes that “By setting clear guidelines, we can ensure that our users make informed decisions while enjoying immersive experiences.”

This development in Google’s regulation framework marks a milestone for exciting advancements in app and game development. It also sets a benchmark for responsible innovation while empowering its users in sustainable growth and technological evolution.

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