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8 Good Reasons Why Businesses Trust OpenXcell’s Mobile App Development Services


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Of all the top mobile app developers, why should individual business owners, aspiring app entrepreneurs, start-ups, and even established businesses opt for OpenXcell’s mobile app development services?

8 USPs that make us one of the top mobile app development companies.

  • OpenXcell has set a gold standard in the field of mobile app development services.  Be it iPhone app development or Android app development services, we go all the way to make sure we develop client-friendly, technically sound, and more important, affordable iPhone, iPad, Android and iOS apps for Texians using an array of advanced technologies.
  • Our experienced iPhone app developers and Android app developers are good at cracking client ideas, bang on.  Once we start working on a project, we make sure our camaraderie with our client continues: non-stop. No matter what, all through the development phase, we make sure our clients are on the same page with us. For this, we use emails, Skype, and phones.  This ensures client queries are taken care of ASAP.
  • We have been championing the use of the most disruptive, cutting-edge technologies such as Amazon Web Services to host, scale and deploy apps at a fraction of cost.
  • Our high-calibre, talented team of 200+ developers have so far developed, deployed and scaled 1100 apps for both the app stores, that is, The Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Before kick-starting a project, we make sure our development team undertakes deep research work.  This, in turn, helps our iPhone and Android app developers come up with well-rounded mental maps, prototypes, wireframes and more for apps. This ensures we are not playing any blindfold chess with our clients and things are crystal-clear, right from the start.
  • Our incredible efforts in the direction of client satisfaction has been rewarded in the form of colossal users – today we have got 15+ million people using our apps, of which majority hail. That’s not a small number, we believe, specifically when app download deletion rates are touching 80% after their first use.
  • We have got rich portfolio to boast of. Plus, we have worked hand-in-hand with leading Fortune 500 companies, such as Google, Motorola, Unilever, UTV, University of Florida, Kotak, among many others.
  • OpenXcell think tank has designed a typical Value Share Model – exclusively meant for Texian clients. The unique model makes sure that we deliver our mobile app development at a fraction of a cost.

OpenXcell has been offering excellent iPhone app development services and Android app development services for past eight years now. This means we have been part of the glorious industry since its inception; this also means we have always been on the learning curve – learning and unlearning an array of technologies, and then applying the latest and best to develop client-friendly apps.

More to the point, we have championing the use of incredibly sharp, path-breaking technologies such as Amazon Web Services that help host, scale and deploy your apps at a fraction of cost on cloud. Adoption of Amazon Web Services has ensured that our iPhone app developers and Android app developers can now singularly focus on their core project, that is the app development, and leave the infrastructure, scaling, and deployment part to third-party vendors such as Amazon.

What’s more, we have to our credit CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications, too.  More importantly, we have associations with high-profile international institutions such as NASSCOM and IGDA.

There you have it! Wish to know more about our app development services? Just check out our services page or else you can drop in an email at sales@openxcell.com or call us at +1-(888)-777-4629.

Our business analysts are always ready to answer your emails and calls.

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