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We offer consulting services to help you design strong marketing and monetization strategies for your iPhone and Android apps.


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One big question you need to ask yourself before materializing your app development – “Are you making an app or creating a profitable business model?” And we are sure you will end up with the idea to create a successful business model. There are three major parameters we need to address for framing the idea of a business model:

  1. Product: A Great App which solves user’s need
  1. Marketing: Mobile app marketing strategy and execution to make a buzz around your app and to create large number of users
  1. Sales: App monetization plan for revenue generation

You have to focus on all the three parameters from the very first day when you start app development. Without a strong marketing and monetization strategy, it is very difficult to make money out of your app.

The OpenXcell team has a large experience especially for iPhone app marketing, android app marketing. Our consulting services as an app marketing agency are focused on creating the best marketing strategy for your app.

Below is the brief about our consulting services:

  • Audit of mobile app and strategy for app launch
  • Identifying the target users for your mobile app
  • Analysis of your competitors
  • Finding out the common features for the top selling apps in your category
  • Effective positioning of your app in market
  • Suggestions and implementation of the best revenue model for your app
  • Creation of an efficient marketing strategy and execution for the same

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