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Cut costs with Parse and leverage your app with the power of cloud

Social apps are highly data intensive and call for huge investments on servers. Parse app development stands out as a perfect and an economical option to solve this issue. With Parse you have no need to worry about the server maintenance and complex infrastructure.

Parse has a single backend for all the mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Hence with the ready framework available for leading mobile operating systems, the process of developing an app becomes less time consuming and highly economical

Most apps these days require social media integrations and push notifications. These features being the most important ones in Parse make it the most preferable app development platform. Leading brands like CISCO, Ferrari, Deloitte, Emporio Armani etc. trust Parse for their apps. With Parse app development you can create broad variety of apps across different categories such as social networking apps, games, health and fitness, lifestyle, music, photo and video sharing, e-commerce, travel, utility, etc. Hence Parse is a perfect choice for creating beautiful and feature rich mobile apps.

Why go for Parse app development?

  • One backend to create mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.
  • Parse is a perfect cloud for your apps and hence you do not need any servers.
  • Creating, scheduling and segmenting push notifications becomes easier with Parse.
  • Mobile apps can be made social instantly using Parse.
  • Custom code can be run on Parse cloud so there is no need of a server for your app code

At OpenXcell, we have been working on Parse since its launch and we can help you by developing feature rich mobile apps using Parse. Our team of 60+ mobile app developers is ready to execute your app idea and can develop beautiful applications using Parse.

Over 60,000 applications are powered by Parse. Do you want to use Parse for your application too?

Contact us to discuss about your mobile application needs and it will be our pleasure to assist you about using Parse for your mobile apps.

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