Mobile Point of Sale ( mPOS )

mPOS is a simple billing solution for offline retailers, field staff or sales persons to take orders & payments on the go.


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Common problems of taking sales orders

  • Lot of manual paperwork which is time-consuming & looks unprofessional
  • No existing method to make payment via credit card or PayPal on the go
  • Buying large POS system in offline stores
  • Ease of use & portability

Nowadays, retailers are adopting mobility rapidly, not just for email or better website browsing experience, but it’s now a part of the large strategic shifts and core business areas.

Our mobile point of sale systems have overtaken pen and paper. In simple terms, it allows retailers to create and maintain their product catalog, manage inventory, handle customer profiles, and accept digital payments from anywhere and at any time.

Are you still using traditional solutions that make the ordering process longer than it actually should be? Our experts are here to develop flexible mobile point of sale software and solutions that will help you reach new markets and change the way you communicate with buyers.

Mobile pos software solution Highlights:

  • Compatible with mobile (Android and iOS) and iPad.
  • Ability to add and manage products (including variants & bundles)
  • Seamless mobile checkout process
  • Integrate with payment processors i.e. PayPal, Stripe,, etc.
  • Manage digital payments and receipts.
  • Create full or partial order refunds
  • Integration with accounting apps like Xero, QuickBooks Online.
  • Barcode scanner & credit card reader for quick entries and payments
  • Create product, inventory, sales, and many more reports for analysis.
  • Connects with backend web-based solutions for operations

Get access to the innovative and modern technology you need to compete in the ever-changing retail industry. Being a leading mobile solutions provider, we are determined to help retailers not just to survive, but, also thrive in the omnichannel environment.

Whether you want to accept payments in the stores, at an exhibition, or at a customer’s home, Our mPOS solutions will give the necessary competitive edge and reduce costs drastically.

Get in touch with our experts to know more about our mPOS solutions.

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