Multi-Warehouse Management

Our multi-warehouse management system software allows retailers to maintain inventory across multiple locations & gives easy tools to enhance order fulfillment.


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Common warehouse management problems:

  • Manual and time-consuming stock entries
  • Inadequate visibility of inventory
  • Inefficient warehouse layouts
  • Errors in picking and packing

With modern retailing and increase in the point of sales across different geographies, the retailers are often required to maintain more than one warehouse to support the smooth functioning of their supply chain process.

It is essential for retail companies to automate warehousing processes and invest in a system that streamlines every step, right from sourcing products to delivery.

OpenXcell’s multi-warehouse solution enables retailers to manage inventory across multiple warehouses and help them gain full visibility on every inward and outward movement of items.

Multi-warehouse management software Highlights:

  • Product catalog and warehouse assignment
  • Warehouse allocation for every integrated channel
  • Assign bin location, aisle location, and bin stock
  • Easy transfer of stock between different physical warehouses
  • Purchase orders and receipt of stock
  • Safety level stock for easy replenishment
  • Barcode scanner for quick search
  • Warehouse reports to enhance layouts and fulfillment
  • Picklists and user roles to distribute tasks efficiently

OpenXcell offers a warehouse management system software that easily integrates with 3PL systems and selling channels, allowing you to manage your inventory from a single backend. It enhances inventory management by decreasing the possibility of overstock & stock-outs, giving you the perfect warehouse management environment you can trust.

Our experienced team of retail experts and developers can develop a standalone solution that can cater to all your unique warehouse and inventory needs, allowing you to modernize your business processes.

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