Multichannel Inventory Management

Multichannel Inventory Management software and solutions to manage centralized inventory across different selling channels, warehouses, locations & offline stores.

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Common problems of online retailers

  • Keeping track of sales & inventory across multiple channels
  • Running out of stock unexpectedly i.e. Losing potential sales opportunities.
  • Spending lot of time on managing inventory manually
  • Investing more resources required for simple jobs
  • Human errors
  • Business aspects that are not predictable

These are the reasons why retailers are now shifting to a more scalable and automated way to manage a business. Our solutions facilitate retail firms and e-commerce conglomerates to get rid of traditional inventory management practices by replacing their current systems with our cloud-based Multichannel Inventory Management software and systems which is highly customizable.


Whether you own a business that is growing rapidly or want to optimize your existing workflow to scale, Our experts will bring out a solution for every inventory management problem that exists.

Highlights of our solution

  1. Centralized inventory control by integrating selling channels like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Walmart, Sears, Newegg, BigCommerce.
  2. Product catalog, variants, bundling and kitting.
  3. Multi-warehousing, multi-location and multiple currencies.
  4. Stock transfers across warehouse and locations
  5. Replenishment planning & Purchase Management
  6. Zero and low stock alert, triggers, and reports
  7. Inventory forecasting based on historical data

If you have unique workflows and want to revamp your back-end processes for increased efficiency altogether, our experts will carefully understand your business needs and propose a solution keeping in mind the requirements, scalability, and your expected budget.

Send us an inquiry today if you want to know details about our inventory management solution.

Client Testimonials

"Often times we would have items come up unplanned. We would have to work through the night, and they literally worked around the clock. That’s what made OpenXcell a good partner..."

Swagata Sarangi,
Head of Marketing, Google India

"There's often language barriers and cultural differences that make it challenging. OpenXcell did a great job with that. We communicated well. They got the idea."

Stephen Anderson,
President, Netqwerk (Business Networking Startup)

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