Oculus Rift – Virtual reality technology that’s wearable and affordable.

Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality in Game Development

Oculus Rift sounds like the moniker of some ultimate dark hero on a multi-player game that slashes through devious Titans cleverly to gain abilities and points. You’re in the ball park. Oculus Rift has much to do with game development—next generation gaming. Multimedia has blasted across our communication air waves for some time and basically the public has been viewers of it. Oculus Rift takes it one step further into virtual reality immersion of the interactive kind. How it does this begins with a virtual reality headset that lets one step into their game.

Features of Oculus Rift

Virtual reality means having physical sensations while game playing. The military has been using virtual reality equipment for some time in its training. The possibilities have become much broader than that. Oculus Rift has been sending development kits with low-latency positional head tracking and low-persistence OLED displays to a wide variety of industries. Oculus rift developer headsets started causing a buzz in gaming industry circles last year. At the Consumer’s Electronic Shows various developer kits have astonished hardcore gamers to the point before the official virtual reality headset has come out there have been pre-orders in the double digit thousands. The development kits have created before launching an underground subculture. Oculus Rift wisely left the platform open and so outside groups have been augmenting it. Experiments with strapping a Kinect, cameras, Leap Motion controllers and visual response programs to music with the headset have resulted in some intriguing developments.

Here are some features:

360 Degree Viewing

Oculus for Gaming

Courtesy of www.wikipedia.org by Sergey Galyonkin

Using customized tracking technology the device simulates real world vision by allowing subtle movements of the head to occur with accompanying virtual world tracking it. This makes for seamless viewing. Earlier virtual reality headsets had lags which blurred the visual simulation environment making for that queasy feeling.

Stereoscopic 3D viewing Plus Wide Field View

The Oculus Rift headset is tested by attendees at the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court in London.

Courtesy : The Oculus Rift headset is tested by attendees at the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court in London last September. Photograph: Michael Bowles/REX

Oculus Rift combined two approaches to create a better visual reality experience. It joined stereoscopic 3-D with wide view technology. Wide view technology gives 100 percent vision even beyond peripheral vision so one senses items before they appear. Television uses story and picture to evoke an emotional response.You care or dislike characters in shows. Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets cause more visceral reactions in some gamers. In a game you are standing on a cliff and you feel fear or awe. You have a response to a virtual environment as if it is real.

Benefits of Oculus Rift

Besides entertainment a whole range of possibilities exist. Having virtual environments that approximate real ones make it a tool for services, training, and medical use. Dangerous industrial activities could become practiced by simulations with Oculus Rift giving an employee a high level of experience safely before tackling a job. It has been installed in some professional race car drivers helmets to aid in training. Medically the device could be given to brain trauma patients to help redevelop neuron pathways or strengthen needed skills. Invalids can now have a device that occupies their mind and makes them productive again.

Changing the Gaming Industry

Many research studies show that particular types of games can rewire or make new pathways in the brain. Adding a virtual reality headset to the mix means gaming can become more than entertainment. Advertising games by the positive health effects could spawn a new industry. Moving people to more positive states of mind makes it a possible tool to become included in high stress jobs.

Picking environments females prefer could create avenues of income streams and radically change gaming ways. Virtual environments that allow females to try on as many clothes, as many hair styles or as many colored shades of fingernail polish available would save many a male and many a relationship from disintegrating. A woman could go “Oculus”, get her inner female satisfied, and then in the real world purchase what is needful.

Oculus Rift acquired by Facebook

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg found the device so engaging that in March 2014 he bid 2 billion to buy the company. Seeing its potential for increasing social communication, and entertainment/media possibilities Zuckerberg stated,

“Oculus has the potential to be the most social platform ever,” he said. ‘“Imagine sharing not just moments with your friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.”

Apps on smart phones and tablets could let your virtual world travel along with you in a moment’s notice. Making for personalized, engaging entertainment your way any day.

What New Things are done by Ocular Rift?

An incredible amount of talent has become housed at Ocular Rift. John Camden joined who created the engines for Half Life and Call of Duty. It would be grand to see him take a new direction with his engines and explore ways to integrate the technology with virtual reality that helps people’s lives. Michael Abrash does the Zen of programming. His techniques of paralleling anecdotes with real life experience while writing about technical subjects shows new and intriguing perspectives. On a team project together  they could create a virtual reality with all the intensity of a good war where not a single bullet or explosion happens but the mission becomes accomplished anyway creating a whole new genre of game play.

Quoting the Experts

Ocular Rift has gone from prototype to product so the full review of the public has yet to come but the buzz among the professionals has been mostly positive. Here are some quotes from those in the know:

“The Rift is certainly one of the most amazing things I’ve seen at CES this year – hell, in any year. It’s not really possible to describe what it’s like to use it, but as soon as I put the goggles on and turned my head, I think my mouth dropped. It’s flat-out awesome.” – Dan Nosowitz, Popular Science

“Even using aging tech like Unreal Engine 3, this castle landscape felt real, to the point I wanted to reach out and grab a falling snowflake, or try to touch the cold, stone pillars holding up a decaying building… In the past, I simply played through worlds. I moved through them. This one made me feel like I was physically in that space. Living in it. Unable to look away, because it was all around me. It’s immersion on an entirely different level.” – Richard George, IGN

Enough said. Time to play. Get your headset on.


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