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An app to provide multiple benefits to credit card users

This app is a part of an array of benefits that the Power credit card customers can access and can avail benefits at various business outlets across the UAE, Oman, and Qatar. The mobile app helps users easily discover the experiences wherever they may be using keyword search functionalities and GPS coordinates. The company needed a team to look after their costs, increase their variable capacity, proper infrastructural facilities, and increase skilled employees.


To reduce overall costs:
The client spent a lot of money on hiring individuals in-house. Hence, it increased their recruitment and operational costs.
To provide access to professional, expert, and high-quality services:
The client demanded the employees who were experts in their field, highly experienced, and dedicated to their work without compromising the work quality.
To increase overall efficiency and productivity:
The client lacked behind in its overall efficiency and productivity comparatively in the market.

Overall cost advantage:
Our project manager and delivery manager team eluded the need to hire individuals in-house. Hence, our client could minimize their recruitment and operational costs to a great extent. It helped them reduce the cost and save a lot of time and effort on training costs.
Full access to experts and high-quality services:
Our Quality Analysts ensure that the tasks are offered to the ones who are experts and highly skilled in that field. Hence, providing them with a better level of service and minimum chances of errors or misjudgment.
Maximized efficiency and productivity:
Our Data Analysts and Developers, with their years of experience, maximized the efficiency and productivity of the app by working on the organization's non-core areas.
Results Obtained

OpenXcell successfully developed a highly dedicated team of data scientists, project managers, developers, software testers, quality analysts, and delivery managers to scale the app faster and increase its overall quality and efficiency. We cut down on their infrastructure costs by providing our office space and IT workers with 24/7 support. It helped them to freely focus on the key areas of the operations.


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