Internal Management Software Development

An IDS intranet based software for internal management

Schlumberger is the world’s leading provider of technology in reservoir characterization, production, drilling, and processing to the oil and gas industry. The Data Services (DS) Hub at Schlumberger identified the need to manage their internal operation and OpenXcell helped them develop an IDS intranet based software that assisted the employees to manage their time and task sheet. Irrespective of the size of their business, we let them leverage our big-business infrastructure. They could focus better on other daily business activities or secondary business, making risk management easier.


Flexibility and scalability:
The client was unable to measure the success of its products and that can be disastrous for any business. They wanted the software to be fully scalable and demanded flexibility to make its development process more transparent, smooth and hassle-free.
Quality of service:
The client's in-house team was missing the can-do attitude by missing out on the experience of working with different industry verticals. The lack of new insights or brainstorming with new suggestions affected their service quality as innovation plays a crucial part in the success of any business.
Time zone differences:
The difference in time zones was one of the drawbacks that their in-house team could not cope with. It affected the client's company in providing 24/7 days support or service to the users. They demanded a development team for all the time zones for 365 days.

Increased scalability:
The client was solely dependent on the in-house development team and it made the autoscaling difficult for them. With our offshore development team, they could freely delegate their plentiful tasks and it resulted in high-quality performance in the long run. Thus, providing great flexibility and scalability in adapting to the resource demands of any project.
Enhanced service quality:
Innovation and quality are the primary affairs of our offshore development team. Depending on their demands, we offered them extremely fitted specialists following the highest standards in software development. Our quality analysts and developers provided them with valuable support that fresh experts would take years to grow as productive.
Uninterrupted work on the project 24/7:
We provided them with our development team that worked at different time zones across the world. So, their project work continued 24/7 meeting the deadlines with ease. It kept their project delivery always on time and kept the users happy. The same was not possible with the client's in-house team.
Results Obtained

We achieved client satisfaction by providing them access to a talented pool of developers around the world. Our team developed an IDS intranet-based software that helped the employees to save a lot of time and money. It let them focus on other more important tasks freely and hassle-free. Our offshore development team gave them access to the newest technologies in the market that helped them scale the business faster. The client was freed from new infrastructure costs, even though hiring a new development crew. It helped their project to take-off immediately with negligible costs and tremendous savings on the wages by hiring freelancers.


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