Purchase & Replenishment Management Solution

Our purchase order management software & replenishment management solutions offer the capability to manage online purchase orders & suppliers.


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Common purchase management problems:

  • Non-supportive suppliers
  • No automated way to receive stock
  • Verbal communication to send order information

Procuring products from suppliers on time is extremely crucial to reducing lag time and improving efficiency. One simple mistake can lead to a huge mess in your inventory and disrupt vendor relations.

Automating the purchasing process is what retailers need, to keep their warehouses full with inventory that the customers have ordered or can soon order.

OpenXcell provides a robust purchase management software that not just streamlines purchasing workflow, but will also improve supplier relations and facilitate inventory control across selling channels.

Purchase and replenishment management solution highlights:

  • Manage unlimited suppliers and create online purchase orders
  • Print and email PO
  • Receive products individually or in bulk with a few clicks
  • Custom payment terms and methods
  • Barcode scanning feature to mass update and receive products
  • Identify your top performing suppliers and make strategies to engage low performing suppliers.
  • Supplier KPIs to manage compliance and success factors
  • Set standards for incoming supply of inventory

With various capabilities under its roof, OpenXcell offers the best purchase and replenishment management solution that businesses need to grow without a lot of capital.

Our purchase management system is perfectly designed and developed  to run smooth procurement and replenishment process. If you think your workflow is too complex and needs to be simplified, our talented team of analysts and developers will develop a purchase solution that is just right for your business.

If you need more information about our purchase management solution, get in touch with our expert today.

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