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Real-time integrations have become pivotal in the age where profits and sales thrive on real-time data. What real-time integration does is, it transfers data from one system to another automatically. In today’s computing world it happens all the time and has emerged as an operating standard for a number of technologies to function.

A news daily showing real-time stock prices does not collect that stock data itself. It collects it from the system of NASDAQ or NYSE and then flashes it on its  own homepage. For this, the news website must access the stock exchange servers every time. This is where the data comes from.

Same goes with ecommerce sites as well. A seller selling five units of a product on three different online marketplace at one point of time must be able to update his inventory in real-time irrespective of any of the sites where the sale took place. Using real-time integration between his database and the online marketplaces, the inventory updates on all marketplaces at once. Now, instead of five, all the online marketplace will show four units. This is what real-time integration can accomplish for your business.

Business areas where Real-time integration can make a difference

  • Inventory data sync between warehouse and ecommerce sites
  • Drop shipping for ecommerce and retail
  • Real-time analytics for all types of businesses
  • Real-time integration between CRM software and database
  • Integration with apps and various sources for data related to share market, wheather etc.

There can be a number of other applications for real-time integrations across industries and verticals. Transferring data from one point to  another at the time they happen, draws a lot of potential. At Openxcell, we have championed real-time integration for various projects including a number of them being in-house.

There are a lot of reasons to hire OpenXcell for real-time integration projects

  • 8+ years of working with real-time integration projects
  • Real-time integration done for a large category of apps and websites
  • Expertise in the domain of retail and ecommerce integration
  • Ability to chose your own team
  • Cost effective development
  • Daily reporting on the progress of your project

If your project requires some form of real-time integration then do not wait, drop in an inquiry to Someone from the business development team will get back to you.

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