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We provide businesses with cloud storage and real-time sync services that will let end-users have seamless real-time access to all data.


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Have you ever missed out on an important business opportunity simply because the device you were working happened to not be synced with your company’s data? That’s a shame, as it’s a problem that can be easily eliminated with real-time storage and sync service.

Workers typically do not want to be bothered with having to remember to back up and store their information or to sync it across their various devices. Even those that are highly experienced with technology and software may dread having to manage their data on a regular basis. Many companies faced with this situation will want to work with a real-time storage and sync solution to manage their vital data and to make sure it will always be accessible to those who need it.

Cloud computing services firms are springing up to address the needs of organizations to access and store information safely and securely. With more mobile technology being used in the workforce these days, along with a rise in the acceptance among companies for their employees to bring their own devices, it’s more important than ever to have a solution in place to store and sync data in real time with a minimum of fuss and effort.

The computing professionals at OpenXcell Technolabs know that it can be quite a chore for organizations to manage multiple offsite storage services. It is prudent to arrange for backup services at more than one provider, since if one goes down, you can still switch your operations over to another firm. However, doing so does place an added burden on your staff because they will have to make a conscious effort to sync everything manually.

This is why so many firms have formed partnerships with OpenXcell to develop a customized real-time storage and sync solution.

Real-time Storage and Sync Details

  • We provide safe and secure system to protect your data, using best practices for encryption and protection against malicious hackers.
  • Your workers will no longer need to remember about storing and backing up files.
  • Control which people are authorized to access specific files or folders in any cloud storage service.
  • Use any cloud computing services business and feel confident about using multiple providers to safely store and sync your crucial information.

Automatic sync services ensure that data will be updated across all devices. A worker can begin a project with a laptop out in the field and then resume work on a desktop computer. Later, he or she can also access files with a smartphone or tablet computer.

We will be happy to advise you on such matters as how to choose strong passwords to protect your stored and synced data. As we are always monitoring the industry, our professionals can also speak to you about the merits of various cloud computing service providers so you can get the best return on your data investment.

The hardware and software experts at OpenXcell Technolabs have experience in assisting companies with their storage and sync requirements, with particular emphasis on real-time solutions to managing this data. If your company is ready to set up a real-time storage and sync solution now or if you require more information first, please feel free to contact the professionals at OpenXcell Technolabs today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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