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Openxcell delivers an array of solutions to help businesses handle different complexities that arise in various departments in an organization.


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At Openxcell, we thoroughly understand and are certainly aware of the wide spectrum of business needs that arrive within the organization concerning to different sectors. We realize that each and every business, despite of its volume, is critical and has its own set of requirements followed by its own value. Our goal is to help you to simplify and optimize the processes of fulfilling your business needs. In order to streamline and manage your organizational needs, we strive to offer competitive services and solutions through developing precise management systems. An assured deliverance of quality software solution is guaranteed as we follow best development standards.

The process of developing a solution comprises of a set of activities that results in finished software management systems. The process includes research, development, modification, re-engineering, maintenance and optimization. Our expert team of developers have been proficiently delivering an array of solutions concerning to Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Content Management, eCommerce and Backend Management, Sales Pipeline Management, Human Resource Management and more.

Our Services

eCommerce Management Solution

Get the right front and back-end ecommerce solutions to offer the best buying experience to your customers across multiple channels.

Multichannel Inventory Management

Inventory management solution and software to manage centralized inventory across different selling channels, warehouses, locations & offline stores.

Wholesale B2B Commerce Management

Our wholesale solution will allow wholesalers to manage product catalog, invite B2B customers to place orders online, and track orders in real-time.

Purchase & Replenishment Management Solution

Our purchase and replenishment management solution offers the capability to manage online purchase orders and suppliers, enabling you to optimize inventory.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Our multi-warehouse management solution allows retailers to maintain inventory across multiple locations & gives easy tools to enhance order fulfillment.

Shipping & Tracking Management Solution

This solution connects with carriers like FedEx, USPS, UPS, Blue Dart, Australia Post, allowing retailers to ship & track orders from a single interface.

Mobile Point of Sale ( mPOS )

mPOS is a simple billing solution for offline retailers, field staff or sales persons to take orders & payments on the go.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Our BI analytics for retail & logistics gives you the complete insight of how your business is performing.

Customer Relationship Management Solution

Build strong customer relationships and increase loyalty by adopting our robust and customized CRM solutions.

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