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Facebook messenger bot development

Bots have got the potential to replace apps for businesses. Right now, each and every business is trying to make their own app but finding it hard to acquire and retain users at the same time. If you are also facing the same challenge Facebook messenger bots can easily solve that for you

Every business, large, small, or tiny, they have all got their own Facebook accounts. With 900 m users, almost everyone is on Messenger. Hence, a messenger bot can become the easiest and the most approachable way for anybody to interact with your business in real time.

No need for your customers to install your app or sign up or anything. They can just pull their phones out, open FB messenger and start chatting with your bot in no time.

Reasons to make an FB messenger bot for your business-

  • Almost everyone has FB messenger in their phones. So, It is easier for anyone to chat with your bot
  • Possibility of 24×7 interaction with your brand
  • FB is everywhere so no need to make three different apps for iOS, Android, and Web
  • Easy discoverability with exclusive scan codes (similar to QR codes) for your account
  • Automated interaction with your brand.
  • Highly effective for consumer oriented business and also for B2B
  • Attractive message templates
  • H-Scroll with images and CTA buttons provides great user experience

Developing an FB bot –

Our messenger bot developers employ wit.ai bot engine to build FB messenger bots. The process involves generating a token.  After the token is generated your bot development process will begin. The token is common for your FB page and app.

You can make one bot to manage multiple pages or make multiple bots to manage one or more. It really depends on the volume and nature of the interactions your business attracts from consumers.

After the bot is developed, it is tested and deployed for approval. You can then place your messenger bot link on your website for people to start conversing with your bot. You can also use the scan code and let people discover you from sources such as business cards, banners etc.

Hiring OpenXcell as your Facebook messenger bot development company

OpenXcell has more than 6 years of development experience building a myriad of automated features within web and mobile apps. A group of our developers have also been using the Wit.ai engine since some time for multiple purposes so we do have some hands on expericne with the engine as well.
You can rely on our messenger bot developers to create the bot(s) fro your business, you can think of.

If you have a bot development requirement for Facebook messenger, you can drop an inquiry or mail us at sales@openxcell.com. Our business development team will connect to you within 24 hours.

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