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Slack bot development

With a DAU of 1.7 million users Slack is one of the most valued startups of recent times. Slack users are always engaged with the app making it a valuable platform for third party software. No wonders, slack has opened their platform for bot development to slack bot developers.

Slack is mostly used by team members to collaborate at a single place through messages, chat, and file sharing. Hence, a lot of potential for enterprise bots is certainly there.
Slack is a pragmatic platform to make bots. If you have a bot development idea lined up for Slack, you must go ahead.

Why make a Slack bot anyways?

  • Huge user base with more than 1.7 million daily active users
  • Wide geographical reach
  • Opportunity to target high value users
  • Slack is a necessity for many organizations making it is an engaging and valuable platform for bots
  • Scope for developing bots for a myriad of functionalities
  • Allows custom bot developments that may handle a host of automated commands and tasks for all teams
  • Custom bots can also listen to mentions related to your company
  • Other than custom bots, bot users in Slack can strike automatic conversation with users on a particular team.
  • Slack bots can respond to users and post messages too
  • With the help of the RTM API bot users can monitor and process channel activity

The bot development process for Slack

There are a number of ways one can build a bot for Slack. Slack bot developers can pick a name for the bot they wish to create. Developers can also employ preexisting libraries for development which are nothing but a node-stack-client.

You may also tell your Slack bot development company to write the entire library from scratch. In that case your developer(s) need to write a few lines of code to make authenticated API calls.

Your Slack bot development company may also employ Botkit. Botkit simplifies the complications arising from the APIs and allows developers to focus on the functionalities of the bot.

Hire OpenXcell as your Slack bot development company

OpenXcell has more than 6 years of development experience building a myriad of automated features within web and mobile apps. A group of our developers have been working briskly with the APIs for slack bot development. So, we have got some experience under the belt to start things off. Overall, you can rely on our Slack bot developers to get the job done.

If you have a bot development requirement for Slack, you can drop an inquiry or mail us at Our business development team will connect to you within 24 hours.

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