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Azure is the cloud computing platform from Microsoft. Similar to AWS, Azure provides services to host your content on their cloud servers. OpenXcell has worked parallelly on Azure for a number of projects, leading to substantial accumulation of working knowledge on the platform.

Azure services and configuration comes with a competitive price tag when compared to AWS or Google cloud. Azure cloud platform can run a large number of PaaS applications and provide services for computation, storage services, data management, messaging, CDN etc. In other words, Azure has got everything to stand as an efficient cloud platform for your business.

How does Azure work?

Azure, like any other cloud computing platform, consists of an array of services that run parallelly handling a host of tasks for your app or site. Depending on the requirements of your app/site and your budget, our experts will sketch out an architecture.

The Azure framework is divided into 12 different categories ranging from computing, networking, IoT, Storage, Developer tools, Analytics and much more.

Depending on the expected traffic load, VMs or Virtual Machines are allocated to your project. If you are expecting fluctuating traffic or peaks, then VM scale sets are selected for the project. These are analogous to Auto Scaling in AWS. A basic configuration meant for less than 1000 concurrent users may also include an Azure DNS and an SQL database as a service.

Scaling for a higher number of users will require additional computing power. In that case, Load Balancers, CDN, Traffic manager, higher Database-as-a-service, and advanced enterprise integration may be employed. This can be done when the user number remains around 10k.

As the user number goes up, the number of VMs and additional services will also increase.

Why use Azure for your business?

  • Cost-effective pricing model
  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Free trial instances and a large number of availability zones
  • Runs third party software apart from Microsoft
  • Effective Auto Scaling
  • Multi-scale VMs for a large set of business needs
  • Great for DevOps and continuous integration for your firm.
  • Easy Dashboard and troubleshooting

OpenXcell has deployed a number of apps on azure to date. We have considerable experience across industries and use cases while working on Azure. You can easily rely on our Azure experts for effective consultation to reduce costs while providing a great user experience at the same time.

If you have been thinking about moving your business or want to host your new business on to Azure, we can help you out. Drop an inquiry to

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