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Cloud Deployment services provided by OpenXcell majorly covers building your cloud architecture, hosting your data/business, and migration of existing database to the cloud.

With 8 years of experience in deploying hundreds of apps on the cloud, we have solved a wide spectrum of business challenges. We are proficient with AWS and have also deployed apps on Google Cloud and Azure platforms.

As you approach OpenXcell for cloud deployment services, our first job is to look into the price- performance tradeoff you have in mind. Once we get the scale from your side, our consultants start building the architecture for your app or website.

Architecture Consulting:

To begin with, our consultants suggest the number and type of instances and database that will be put to use. Architecture consulting also involves scaling up your business with respect to increasing users and traffic. This requires putting more cloud services to use for storage, computing, networking, analytic and many others. Read more on architecture consulting here(link to architecture consulting page).

Hosting Your data:

If you have your app ready but clueless about the backend and hosting part, you can rely on OpenXcell to do that for you. Our experts will host your app on cloud after sketching out the right architecture for performance and cost efficiency. If you are hosting larger datasets, it might call for a continuous integration line as well. Full-scale DevOps and usage of container tech can also be implemented.

Data Migration to Cloud:

Data Migration is a tricky process that needs a lot of planning before it is executed. It is always advisable to create replicas of your VMs before you move into the cloud. At OpenXcell, we use the newest and the most cost effective ways to migrate your data from your existing infrastructure. We have already used technologies such as Snowball from AWS to perform large-scale migrations.  Migration to the cloud is an important decision that improves performance and controls costs.

Having hosted more than six hundred apps on cloud, our experience suggests that cloud can always bring the costs down. Also, the agility and scalability of cloud is something that every small-mid size business should experience for once.

If you have a migration or deployment-related query, do not wait. Send an inquiry to now.

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