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Your cloud architecture will employ a host of services from the cloud computing inventory. If you look at the number of services provided by AWS, Azure or Google, you may see that, the AWS alone offers more than 70 different services. Even the number of Azure services comes close to 70.

While you may not be using them all, a nominal cloud architecture can easily make use of 7-10 services. Each of these services come with a certain price tag that is either based on duration of usage, data usage or the magnitude of a specific service.

As we set up your architecture, cost and performance are the prime factor we keep in mind.

Our expert consultants with more than 8 years of experience can sketch out an efficient architecture for your app that will be highly cost efficient. After we run the required tests on your app, we throw in various services from the cloud for a glitch-free experience. While we select the services, we make sure that we spend as less as possible.

Factors that affect cost optimization with your cloud architecture ?

  • Ascertain tentative number of users for startups and suggest an efficient and cost effective architecture. Similar method is followed for businesses looking for data migration as well.
  • Ascertain the type of content your app/website is hosting. Static content means fewer resources while dynamic content means more resources and costs.
  • Type of instance used. Bigger instances give economy of scale while smaller instances are proportionately expensive
  • Ascertain requests per second handled by the architecture. A lot of requests mean putting load balancers and Autoscaling into use. This fluctuates the cost.
  • Number of Elastic IPs put into use. It fluctuates the budget as well.
  • Geographical reach-More geographical reach means opting for availability through various edge locations. This can increase or decrease the cost.
  • The server latency you are looking at. Lower latency means more powerful machines or more number of instances running parallelly.

There are a lot of other factors that affects the costs associated with your cloud architecture. While a lot of technical know-how and experience goes into building the right mix, it all depends on how well we understand your business needs. Our fundamental goal lay there itself. If your business has got five touch points, our job is to ascertain which one, or two, of those five, are more important. Our consultants will put more cloud resources on those and cut down on the remaining ones.

Why seek cost optimization consultancy from OpenXcell?

  • Deployed more than 600 apps on cloud. Still involved in maintenance and support of many old projects in lowest costs possible
  • Solved challenges for a vast spectrum of use cases
  • Experience across industry types
  • Experience across a large number of services in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • Cost effective consulting

If you want a cost-effective architecture for your app or site and want an expert consultation for the same, do not wait. Drop an inquiry to Someone from the Business Development team will get back to you.

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