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Our customized Supply Chain Management solution will help you streamline your supply side activities while improving customer service.


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Whether you are a global firm or a small-to-medium business that provides a variety of goods to your customers, you know that the health of your supply chain is of paramount importance.

If you haven’t given much consideration to your supply chain lately, it’s possible that there is some room for improvement. OpenXcell’s supply chain management experts can help you smooth the way toward better SCM processes from order time through payment and delivery.

What is the current state of your organization’s supply chain? Is it working for you or hindering your efforts to remain competitive and nimble? Supply chains exist primarily to meet organizations’ profit goals while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

From the moment a customer places an order to the time it is delivered and paid for, highly intricate supply chain dynamics are in effect. How well these processes are managed can spell the difference between profitability and failure for your business.

Many organizations seeking to improve the quality of their supply chain find that it makes eminent business sense to outsource SCM tasks to an offshore firm like OpenXcell.

Whether you have an enormous warehouse system around the world and need a new system to manage the supply chain or simply require the capability to monitor transactions using RFID technology and bar codes, the experts at OpenXcell are standing by to assist you with your supply chain management software needs.

OpenXcell’s Value Proposition for Supply Chain Management

The supply chain management solutions that OpenXcell provides will bring you the latest techniques for planning your supply chain and executing on it for your enterprise. Our SCM expertise will help you better react to vagaries in the demand and supply of your goods. A new supply chain management system will let your team anticipate demand fluctuations more readily, helping you control supply better.

How often do you need to fulfill orders? Where is the best location to fulfill them? Are there missing opportunities in the supply chain that your management has overlooked? Our solutions will give you actionable data with a 360 view of the entire supply chain, from incoming orders to the outgoing supply processes that are so crucial to moving inventory smoothly through your system.

When you have multiple warehouse facilities, our team can customize a system to let you manage your inventory from a centralized location. We will also help you optimize the planning and decisions you make to better meet order fulfillment targets as well as reach your shipping goals while maintaining your requisite inventory.

Why OpenXcell?

In OpenXcell, you will find a true partner to help you strategize for the best possible supply chain management system.

We will help you devise the best solution to keep your organization humming along more efficiently than ever. By streamlining the supply chain, you will better please your customers and can position yourself to take market share from your competitors who fail to use the latest principles of CRM.

  • Our Valueshore model is designed to give our customers a great return on their investment as they outsource their SCM to India.
  • We have years of experience guiding our customers through the details of supply chain management, helping them with software solutions that include a customized approach.
  • Every member of the OpenXcell team has excellent English communication skills, which is a rarity in offshore firms providing service from India.
  • You can count on our intelligent and creative employees to develop the best supply chain management tools for your organization.
  • Our focus on customer satisfaction has resulted in OpenXcell winning the GESIA award twice so far.
  • The staff at OpenXcell monitors developments and improvements in supply chain management technology to give our customers the highest possible ROI.

For details on OpenXcell’s approach toward SCM and SCM software or to set up an appointment to get started with your customized supply chain management solution, please contact us today.

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