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Some of our happy clients explaining about their experience with OpenXcell team. We are proud to provide them with successful software for business.

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Working with OpenXcell exceeded our expectations. We were given a great platform to communicate with them, and our project manager always made himself available through skype. The team at OpenXcell did an amazing job incorporating out feedbacks into our app, and they gave us a product that we are truly proud of & excited to start promoting.

Julie Griggs

FourPlay App

OpenXcell is the company behind developing the D'Appy Deals App. The team of OpenXcell has done a fantastic job with the app. I am very happy with their work. Anybody who is looking for any digital platform for their business, I highly recommend OpenXcell to you. They have an excellent way of developing apps, and they are quite open to any idea you come up with. They worked with me and allowed me to bring in my thoughts and collaborated my ideas with theirs. It has been a fantastic partnership with OpenXcell.

Daniel Dyer

D'Appy Deals App

When I approached OpenXcell for the creation of my app, Sports Trivia, they sent me a detailed quotation of the development process, which was great. I even looked at the apps they had created, and after that, I knew that OpenXcell was the perfect company for me. The experience I had with the app development team of OpenXcell was phenomenal. The team was very helpful. The app they created with me is interactive, robust, and user-friendly. I highly recommend OpenXcell to everyone.

Kyle Dailey

Sports Trivia

From the beginning, OpenXcell’s proposal was very different than other companies in terms of the project structure and competitive pricing. We felt comfortable with the development process of OpenXcell. The design provided by OpenXcell was modern and was created by keeping consumers in mind. The team at OpenXcell had solutions for everything we proposed. This company is well experienced in Mobile App Development.

Rony El Hachem

Truewin App client

The objective of the project was to create a mobile application to display the inventory of the client’s massive database in a user-friendly manner. The team of OpenXcell gave knowledgeable input about the designs and implementation of the platform. The team provided the understanding and brought invaluable experience to the project. The core strength of OpenXcell is their professionalism and knowledge. They are driven to make the client happy and the project a success.

Tony Collins

RKMiles App

The goal of creating the app was to create an innovative platform for boarding enthusiasts and to connect them with docking resources. OpenXcell helped me in putting my ideas into a great design. I was brand new to app development, and I couldn’t thank OpenXcell more in terms of giving valuable suggestions. The team of OpenXcell was always available to discuss the design and feasibility of the project. The core strengths of OpenXcell are their expertise, patience, and communication skills. I would recommend OpenXcell to all the big as well as the start-up businesses.

Lisa Bailey


My experience with Openxcell was great. The team from OpenXcell guided me with the layout and development procedure at an early stage that saved my time and money. The team from OpenXcell volunteers with new ideas that can help a lot. OpenXcell doesn’t stop working until you are satisfied with your product. OpenXcell goes the extra mile for delivering the product you want. If you want the product to get developed in a limited budget, You can’t go wrong with OpenXcell.

Zach Campbell

Strong Friends

IKO systems chose OpenXcell because of their competitive prices, quick response time and also their flexibility considering we were just a start up. The development process was on track and would have been completed on time had we not postponed our plans. Would definitely recommend OpenXcell to any young company or start up.

Santiago Alegria

Head of Software
IKO Ecosystems

Initially, we contracted another developer who did a very poor job. We lost 33% of the budget and the final product delivered had a number of flaws. We then contracted with OpenXcell to redesign and develop the mobile app. The OpenXcell team was always available and were proactive. Highly recommend Openxcell.

Michael Kihm


We had an idea for an educational app. And after interviewing various developers we chose OpenXcell. They are cohesive software team. They understood our idea, had realistic timelines, and offered innovative suggestions for our software. You can depend on their creativity, expertise and reliable service to complete your project, big or small.

Christina Delord


My experience working with OpenXcell started back In 2012 when they developed my app Questions2Learn. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my app. The app is meant for children with special needs. In 2017, I worked with OpenXcell again to re-write Questions2Learn to make it compatible with iOS 11.

Leanne Pool

Questions2Learn iPad App

Looper is a travel app that matches travelers with locals with said interest and language for traveler arrangements and insights. OpenXcell served the job excellently and knows how to build apps and good relations. We have appreciated their quick response. The more details you give them the better they are.

Mehdi Mountassir


We collaborated with OpenXcell to develop a Medical Software for small and midsize medical practitioners. The team was very receptive to ideas and changes and were very quick and hard working. In fact, there aren’t enough good adjectives to describe how good the experience had been. I am super excited to be working with them again.

Christopher Zumwalt


My company worked together with OpenXcell in developing – a multichannel contact platform for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. The experience was spectacular. OpenXcell was always open to changes and their flexibility factor stood out when compared to other software development companies in the world.

Daniel Saavedra


OpenXcell helped us with the development and design of our website. They assisted us in every step along the way, from selecting the right hosting platform to Google analytics to adding new features to our website and much more. They executed our project according to the agreed upon timing.

Krupa Patel


We needed a strong partner to help us develop our ideas into a real project. We searched locally and internationally but due to our restricted budget our options were limited. Finally, we decided to look out for partner in India. Joining hands with OpenXcell was accidental; however, they did a tremendous job in making this project come true.

Patrick Muller


OpenXcell is a great team to work with. They have a great team in technology. I highly recommend OpenXcell to anybody who is looking for an overseas company that can handle things professionally, and meet the required deadlines. Look forward to working with you guys on our next project.

Jose A Castilo

BPM Supreme

OpenXcell has been a strong partner for us for 5 years now. With their help we have completed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work. And they have been our strong partners in website design and website development side. The teams are punctual, highly skilled and easy going. They are a pleasure to work with. We plan to use them for many years to come.

John Peterson


The company has reliable, professional and a friendly team. They took care of our expectations during the entire mobile app development phase and have readily met all our requests for change.

Yetkin Atik

Notecheck Project

They came up with wonderful web design and app design. I read their reviews and their product came out quite well. They did everything I had asked for. I was quite amazed with their end product. I will highly recommend them. I’ll give them A++.

Kyle Scott

NextHyype iPhone App

I was a little anxious on the affordability aspect of my project. But then, OpenXcell offered me one of their lowest estimates and the guys really delivered. They created exactly want I wanted and also added a whole bunch of their ideas too. I couldn’t be happier with OpenXcell.

Yuriy Oliynyk

Big and Strong

OpenXcell team is amazingly patient. They are easier to approach, and are quite affordable, not to mention they keep you posted on every phase of project development.

Sainath Reddy

Android Chat

We approached OpenXcell to help us bring our project to life. We were very happy with the quality work they delivered and the project went extremely smooth. They’ve got an expert team with experience in every field. There was a design expert, coding expert, project management expert. Experts at all times. There are few coding companies out in the world and OpenXcell definitely outperforms all of them handsdown. I would give them a 5 out of 5. But then, this is SixClicks, I am gonna give them a 6 out of 5.

Candice Claassen


Hello, my name is Evan Quintero. I am an independent entrepreneur based in New Oreleans, Louisana. I used OpenXcell to assist me with app development for Android and iOS. I’ve been very pleased with them, no matter how many times I’ve changed my mind in terms of what I want on the project, they are very patient, very professional and they always deliver things on time and at a very reasonable price. You’d be happy if you work with OpenXcell. Believe me!

Evan Quintero


The app supports language for children in their earlier years in indigenous languages from Australia and Africa. And OpenXcell managed to make this idea come into being. The quality was second to none Their team offered excellent service and were very knowledgeable, very helpful, and very much in tune with the times. They were in constant touch with me via telephone, email, Skype, as well as on Google sheets. Everything was well-articulated and well-communicated.

Teremayi MAN'OZHO

Spikit App

The Customer service support of OpenXcell is great. Fast response. Always on time. If things get complicated, it could be sorted on the phone. Quality of work always upgraded. Greatest skills. All the right updates added to the app. My team and I are satisfied.

Yaseen Abraham

Frenda Social Network

We approached OpenXcell to help us bring our project to life. We were very happy with the quality work they delivered and the project went extremely smooth. They’ve got an expert team with experience in every field. There was a design expert, coding expert, project management expert. Experts at all times. There are few coding companies out in the world and OpenXcell definitely outperforms all of them handsdown. I would give them a 5 out of 5. But then, this is SixClicks, I am gonna give them a 6 out of 5.

Paul Zebari

Lotto Babble

I used OpenXcell to build an app that turned out to be a mega platform. They supported me in everything we did. Our relationship with them was for more than a year. They did everything what they said they would do. Working with OpenXcell would give you nothing but a good experience. I will recommend OpenXcell for any future development

Larry Stoodley

Mule app

I was working with OpenXcell for our main project, which is a C-school application. C-school is a mobile application that allows parents and teachers to communicate with each other. The application has been developed for both Android and iOS. The OpenXcell team came up with a high quality application for both platforms. They offered suggestions, which meant, they’ve got a proactive team on board. Communication with them was quite easy. I liked their professionalism and commitment. If I am asked to rate them, I rate them 5 out of 5.

Fahad AlQarawi

C-school App

OpenXcell’s Core strengths: A very large team with excellent communication skills combined with high level of knowledge, politeness and professionalism. I would rate my experience 5 out of 5. And consider employing their services again in the future.

Grant Tee

The Video Coach App

We’ve been associated with OpenXcell for the last 6 years. In terms of project quality I would definitely give them 5 out of 5. They always delivered as per my expectations. They go the extra mile. They put in extra resources to deliver even during Diwali time. The quality is excellent. The team is very helpful and knowledgeable. They are quite proactive.

Raamprasad Bangaru

Sabiz UK

Boom Boom Hunt is a mobile application for finding and booking Nightlife in South East Asia and Europe. OpenXcell were the technology partners for this project and helped us develop iOS and Android applications, web services, website and backend for this project. The OpenXcell team is highly capable of developing world-class applications. I would rate them 5 out of 5.

Rajendra Gaikwad

Boom Boom Hunt

Springfloor is a social networking app. I shopped around online for other developers and other companies that do this, and when I tried OpenXcell I was blown away. Their customer service is phenomenal. They pay super attention to detail. They communicate very well. They always make sure that they know what I want and they make sure it’s done. I am super satisfied.

Xavier Trimmingham


We have done more than 5 projects with OpenXcell and did not have any single problem with them. The entire OpenXcell team is very responsive, knowledgeable, reliable and hard working. We are happy to work with them and looking for work with them again in future

Rae Moore

Web Managment Services

I am very satisfied with the services of OpenXcell. The OpenXcell team is honest, dependable, professional and extremely talented. They have been able to meet and exceed our expectations. Our experience with OpenXcell is excellent I recommend them to any other company

Dave Brown

Interactive Elementary

The OpenXcell team is amazing in the way they handled the project. They are very professional and understand the concept very well. So I defiantly recommend any one to work with OpenXcell

Bader Alessa


The app ShareAMeal was developed at economical cost. When I came up with the concept the OpenXcell people helped me with all their experience.

Sushma Kapse


I am writing to give you some feedback about the current mobile app development called Oincs. Up to now, I would like to recognize the good work did by your team. All of you, in your different areas, are very professionals and hard workers. We are happy to work with you. Hope we continue in this way until the end of this development.



It has been my great pleasure to work with OpenXcell team on our first app that our company has made. Since the beginning they have been kind and understandable that we did not know how our vision of the app was going to look like we changed it at least 20 times and every step of the way they were there for advice and Worked Tirelessly. I would recommend OpenXcell team to anyone

Anthony Davila

Operations Manager

We are happy with the campaign. All requests we had were delivered, including the time frame, which is rare to find with a development company. We appreciate the fast work while keeping the quality high. We also appreciate the fast response times and answering all the questions we have. We are excited to continue working with you and your team.

Justin Malik

Like Back

While just taking the first steps in starting my app business, I reached out to a number of companies to receive quotes and feedback on my idea. OpenXcell was very highly rated online and their website and customer service was exemplary from the beginning. Once I brought them on board to work on my project, I was happy with my choice in companies. Their guidance has been excellent, along with their ability to be on point with most of my ideas. Like any business venture, there have been bumps along the way, but I wouldn't hesitate to bring them on in the future for another project

Dustin Beach

Monkey Feet

The quality at OpenXcell is exceptional they are professional and timely. I have received daily updates detailing the progress. I am very happy with the work done at OpenXcell and I look forward to working with them again in the future once this project concludes.

Rudy Roman

Drinking Buddy

I've worked with OpenXcell for my start up project and throughout the project time period, they were very responsive. Their ability to develop custom and complex web application functionality was impressive

Alo Ritse


I happened to work with Openxcell for one of our games, Little did I know they had their own studio with talented designers and executers. The Project was over on time with some explicit graphics and great customer response. Thank you OpenXcell

Michael Sodano


Their abilities are great, which enables them to create anything you can think of. I would also like to mention that they create GREAT banners as well. All the banners in my site were developed by them. And most important, their prices are very reasonable. With all that said, I would HIGHLY recommend them for any web project

Jose Untalan


OpenXcell made an excellent drupal based website for us using ubercart ecommerce plug-in. It is the best company in India to outsource the work of drupal

Dave Sternberg

Perfect Turf

There was a real sense of partnership working with OpenXcell. The team is friendly and accountable, delivering on time and budget. I never felt left in the dark. Better yet, their creativity was incredible, coming up with outside-of-thebox solutions which we really valued

Robert Waulters

Clear Paris Institute

We got great benefit from the services offered by OpenXcell on the way to developing our new application for iOS 6. We also appreciate their tolerance and impressive help to design all the functionality and to make the following improvements as per our needs. I suggest OpenXcell to anyone who wants to sustain an exclusive and successful iOS applications

Jiyul K


OpenXcell is the best team to work with. Their response time is really fast and great. They develop relationship with their clients and we surely recommend their excellent teams

Yong lee

RnD Project Manager

It may sound strange that what I’ve found unique about OpenXcell is their honesty and integrity. Having been through four other developers who did not perform costing us tens of thousands of dollars, this was to be our last “hooray.” It is my opinion that most US, English and European IT professionals (and I only use this term because they were paid) are overpaid, cannot estimate a project’s costs and will not honor their commitments or contract. Although we’re still in the throes of development (70% complete), I explicitly trust OpenXcell to finish the project…so much so that I fully intend to contract with them for an additional two years or more of work. Helpfulness in providing suggestions for product improvement, proactive query behavior and dedication to producing the highest quality is appreciated and essential; however, integrity is by far the most important attribute necessary not only for ITendeavors but also International commissions. I accepted OpenXcell’s proposal and didn’t waste money on a lawyer-created ironclad contract. Why bother? Suing across country boundaries is never a viable option. I was lucky in finding OpenXcell. One could equate it to winning the lottery. Would I recommend them to others? Yes, without question.

Timothy J. Early

Occasional Riot

I appreciate the dedications and efforts of OpenXcell team. So far everything has been great!! thank you for all the great work

Daniel Venencia

Multi Me

I have hired OpenXcell to work on the development of an iOS app. My initial decision to choose them over other companies was due to their professionalism and attractive costing. What stand out to me about OpenXcell is their strong customer focus and their willingness to understand the needs of the client. I've been very impressed by their politeness, accessibility and their ability to utilise feedback and subsequently exceed my expectations. A bonus is that they leverage their expertise to provide their own suggestions for improvement - which I have found very useful. In addition their design skills are just as impressive and I'm very pleased with their icon development work. Thus I'm very impressed by the work of the team and I would certainly consider OpenXcell for future projects

Haroon Atif

Fitness Match

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the work OpenXcell team have done for our company. In late 2012 we moved the development of our website from another company to Openxcell because of the communication we were not receiving. OpenXcell team has done an outstanding job in communicating its progress on our site and making repeated adjustments based on our ever changing requirements. I look forward to many other future projects and a continuing successful working relationship

Joseph M. Carpenter


Just wanted to drop a quick line to say thanks for the excellent service, really quick to respond and always helpful. Very happy with the overall result of the site, Thanks again. I will definitely be back in the future

Tyson Warms


I am happy with your work, and I look very much forward to continue working with you. We have many plans about adding more features to the app in the future

Thomas Frederiksen

Click The Card

Often times we would have items come up unplanned. We would have to work through the night, and they literally worked around the clock. That’s what made OpenXcell a good partner.

Swagata Sarangi

Head of Marketing
Google India

There's often language barriers and cultural differences that make it challenging. OpenXcell did a great job with that. We communicated well. They got the idea.

Stephen Anderson

Netqwerk (Business Networking Startup)

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