They Took Kim’s Biggest Asset And Made Sure It Was A Whopping Success. (Nope: Not THAT Kim Asset.)

Kim Kardashian - Hollywood

Hell no.  This has nothing to do with her hot b***y. All right.

If anything, we are talking about her social media followers here.

Of course! We find that odd too. So much hullabaloo over her figure and frame.  Shhhhh!

But then, whatever the case may be, you will have to agree that she is doing something really, really right that makes the whole world, including the naysayers like us, sit back and notice.

Hey, by the way, Kardashian’s game app is called the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.  Bet, the company Glu Mobile couldn’t have thought of a more sellable name. With no fewer than 87 million social media followers to her name (I repeat: 87 million followers: That’s the catch here), you might as well take advantage of her brand name than go ahead and create a new one altogether. We reckon that inventing a new name would have almost amounted to a hara-kiri. Good that Glue struck to and harnessed the Kardashian brand to the extreme.

The game app, which was launched last year has touched the pinnacle of popularity by far. And, for what it’s worth, both Kim and Glue are raking in unbelievable sums from the day of its launch.

As per Business Insider’s latest stats, the game has already touched 28 million downloads and 11 billion minutes of play.

And according to Glu Mobile, the maker of the app, the game has generated a whopping $74.3 million for the company, which is nearly 30% of its total revenue in 2014. And is, in fact, well on track to rake in over $200 million this year. OMG! Ain’t that’s an unimaginable amount of money?

What Worked In Favor of The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood: The Super-Cool Game App

Celebrity Game Apps

The widely addictive game app has a unique gameplay. As in, you can choose your own adventure style game that prompts the user to go in for photo shoots, dates, and more than anything players could rub shoulders with the Hollywood stars. This ,in turn, makes the player enter the A-list celebrity.

What’s more — here’s something straight from the horses’ mouth. According to Niccola De Massi, CEO of Glue, celebrities are considered a permanent marketing asset.

Partnering celebrities with 100 million social followers  mean devs have a ready-made user base to capitalize upon.

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It could be in terms of downloads, user engagement, monetization, and much much more.  Yes, you can count the chickens…literally.  For your information, Kim Kardashian West happens to have 87 million followers on the social media circuit.

Kim-Kardashian - Game app - 2

Two more characters to be introduced to the game shortly –Kim’s daughter North West and her husband Kanye West     

As per the latest news reports, the game app development company Glue, highly inspired by the success rate of the app has decided to introduce two more new characters to the game. Namely, Kim’s daughter North West and her husband Kanye West.

The Game App’s Plan of Action

The USP about the app is that it’s real-time.  Though it’s claimed to be accidental, the launch date of the app and the Kardashian’s Mexico trip apparently took place on the same day. So, Kardashian started posting her Mexico trip pics on Instagram, and the players as expected got excited and started updating the game, saying that they are with her in Mexico. The catch: the game mirrors Kardashian’s real life as much as possible. In fact, it’s said that Kardashian is in direct contact with the devs for the app updations and more.

So, can any celebrity qualify to have a game app in his/her name?

Naw! Only those with a major fan following (read: 100 million) should come forward with an app.

Celebrities with five, ten, or 30 million followers should stop foreseeing to having an app developed in their name until their social media count reaches 100 Million. Yes, that’s is the new number that’s doing the rounds.

So, think twice before dropping a mail to any app development company.

So, if you have in between 80 to 100 million social media followers to boot, just go to town and build a game app in your name.

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Glu, apparently, is short on resources and so it says that it cannot roll out as many celebrity game apps as it intends to. So it prefers to pick and choose only the ones that are worth their time and effort.

Glu’s Tunnel Vision Around Celebrity Game Apps

Why would Glue look any other way… when their celebrity app has been a runaway success. For your information, Glu happens to pocket revenues as staggering as $74.3 million last year through this celebrity app. Little wonder, the company has decided to rope in many more celebrities for their game apps. And this includes Britney Spears, Kate Perry, Kyle Jenner and Kendall as well.

For all intents and purposes, their apps would make way for whopping downloads from day one. Glue, if anything, would positively bet on that. More than anything, it practically cuts down Glue’s leg work for building a fan-following for these apps.

Here Are Other Top Celebrities Who Will Be Turning Up the Heat In the Game App Development Zone

 Nick Minaj

Nick Minaj - game app

The rap queen will be releasing her own mobile game next year.  The game among many other things will be featuring Minaj’s name, likeness, voice and creative direction and more. And, the fans it seems are positively expecting to have an ‘Anaconda’ in the app, to say the least.

Kate Perry

Kate Perry - Game App

You love this pop queen. Ain’t you? Then you might as well weight until the end of the year to grab a game app that’s based on her accomplishments and more.

Kendall & Kylie Jenner

Kendall-Kylie-Jenner-Game App

Of course, the beautiful Jenner sisters had had to follow their elder sister’s footsteps. Of course, the game will be similar to Kim’s game. Their game is slated for 2015 release.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears - game app

Once again this beauty queen cum pop princess will set her fan’s hearts racing. Her game app slated for 2016 release will feature the songstress’ voice, likeness, and the creative direction. And the best part is that it would be akin to Kardashian app. Nope, I am in no mood to disclose everything here.

Jason Statham

jason-statham-game app

Yes, it’s happening. Really happening. Right in front of your eyes. The serious looking Transporter hero will be at your finger tips.  Statham is said to the first male celebrity to be working hand-in-glove with Glu. Like other games, the gameplay is still a secret; however, it is said to be more violent than the others.

 OpenXcell 2 Cents

Have you got what it takes to be a celebrity these days — fan-following and all? Then why wait?  Go ahead and roll out an app in your name. Trust us, it works.  If it could work for all these celebrities, it might as well work for you too.

Anyway, if you need any help in the process, why are we are here for. Go ahead. Just put in a word here. It’s for some good reasons we are looked upon as one of best game app development companies in the U.S. Ciao!


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