This. This is Why Fashion Houses Are Falling For Snapchat Stories: Left, Right, and Center


The video messaging application Snapchat has become the ‘Messaging App of the Millennials.’ And, that’s making the high-flying fashion houses go for it — left, right and center. Nothing else.

Millennials? Yes, millennials. A population comprising 13 to 34-year-olds, which were always on the radar of the fashion fraternity since time immemorial.

Other super- amazing facts and figures that made the Fashion Houses target ‘Snapchat Stories’ for its various Fashion Events around the globe:

  • Snapchat ranks third in terms of millennial penetration among all other social media platforms.
  • The app is currently used by 32.9% of the generation. One-hundred million users are viewing up to four billion videos a day on Snapchat.
  • Snapchat is the best tool to touch base with the aspirational and established audience.
  • 55% of the millennials check notifications from the  messaging apps over and over again
  • Over half the millennials (51%) check their smartphones every three hours.
  • 85% of the millennials use smartphones as their first screen.
  • S. alone has over 74 million millennials with a capacity to spend around $170 billion.
  • Almost 55%  of the millennials watch the video several different times a day on different devices.
  • 79% doesn’t mind watching a sponsored video.
  • 55% will go ahead and watch the video multiple times if the content is good enough
  • 51 percent millennials love sharing it.


Ain’t these stats mindblowing? Think About it!  Your brand too could make the most of Snapchat’s video content to connect with the desired audience and build long time user engagement.

But things were not the same some time back. 

Once upon a time social media platforms were a completely looked down upon by these high-flying fashion brands. In other words, joining hands with social media platforms was quite way below them.  With exclusivity being their hallmark, they thought that their brand identity would get absolutely diluted if they went the social media way.  But not anymore.

With millennials getting hooked to Snapchat like never before, its seems the time has arrived  for these brands as well to jump onto the social media bandwagon, specifically the Snapchat bandwagon.

For your information, during the New York Fashion Week the Snapchat turned out to be the real show stopper with several high-flying luxury brands climbing on its “ Our story” bandwagon.

And why wouldn’t they? The numbers have been doing all the talking for Snapchat video ads.  

Bolstered by its popularity, the social messaging app had some time back conceptualized “Our Story” feature for each of the fashion weeks –  New York, London, Milan, and Paris. The New York Fashion Week ‘Our Story’ garnered over 23 million unique views.

But, First Things First: What Are Snapchat Stories

Snapchat  Stories are a series of pictures and videos that are taken by you throughout the day and strung together as a single concept. The feature is similar to what Facebook’s timeline offers. But, unlike its rival, Snapchat’s picture/video lasts just 24 hours–thus upholding Snapchat’s mantra of sharing messages temporarily.



It’s somewhat  like reality tv shows.  The users themselves get to direct, edit and act in the show. And nope, they don’t have to take care about technical limitations one speck.  And, given that each clip is just 10 seconds long brands could go ahead and create a series of short videos, which then could be  converted into episodes that could be few minutes long, to say the least. And, yes, just like Snapchat chats, the stories are fun and ephemeral in nature.

What’s The Trump Card Of ‘Snapchat Stories’

Unlike TV, to watch a Snapchat Story you have to have your finger pressed on the screen.  (In terms of TV, you know, you are 50% of the time watching TV and 50% of the time doing something else.) When it comes to Snapchat you have to focus 100% percent.

Plus, Snapchat Stories  could be viewed in three different ways: private, viewable only by friends and it could be made public as well. The best bit being that videos last just 24 hours.  And given that clips don’t have a larger shelf-life, you could try some loony stuff as well, in addition to the normal ones.



How Fashion Houses Like Maybelline, Calvin Klein,  Michael Kors and More Leveraged Snapchat Stories During Various Fashion Weeks To Connect With Their Fans

Maybelline and Calvin Klein had rolled out live snapshots of New York Fashion Week on Snapchat stories. If anything, the makeup brand and clothing retailer had rolled out five to ten-second advertisements for fashion enthusiasts wanting to pick up new clothing items for the fall.


Maybelline on Snapchat Stories 

The brands respective ad units  had roped in models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner to walk the runway for them.

Snapchat Stories is the most exciting social media platform for youngsters, said Laura Sossong a consultant at Boston Retail Partners while chatting up with mobilemarketers.

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Michael Kors joined hands with Snapchat for this year’s New York Fashion Week. For 24 hours straight the fashion house took the audience behind-the-scenes, sharing live snaps of the backstage team running the show, celebrities occupying the front rows among many other things. The Kors snaps received over 14.6 million unique views. In addition, 8,000 screenshots were taken of these snaps.

For  its  fall/winter  2015/16  fashion show Italian fashion brand Valentino live-streamed images and videos of the dressing rooms, and even writing invitations and plus the runway set-up to give the audience a fleeting glance of the entire Paris Fashion Week show even before the show.


Valentino live-streamed images on Snapchat Stories 

Even Burberry the U.K. based brand had teamed up with the social messaging platform to showcase its latest collection before it got displayed at the London Fashion Week show.  The luxury brand famous for its trench coats gave fans an inside look at the newest styles on the on its Snapchat account. The next day, Snapchat featured clips straight from Burberry’s London Fashion Week runway show in the app’s “Live Stories” section.


Burberry On Snapchat Stories (source:

Even Stella McCartney took to Snapchat stories posting snaps with her dad, Paul McCartney, and Kanye West, including models practicing their walk.

Stella McCartney on Snapchat Stories 

OpenXcell’s 2 Cents

Brands that look forward to connecting with their young audience at a personal level then Snapchat stories is the best bet.  But then, if you wish to make your brand stories go viral ensure to integrate only high-quality, engaging content.

Side by side if you are thinking of promoting your brand on television as well, think again. Millennials are on apps.  The biggest disadvantage of TV ads is that you won’t be able to share content and engage your audience. So, all set for brand promotion on Snapchat? How about getting in touch with us right away? Our veteran app marketers give 200% and more to every app marketing job at hand.

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