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Recently, the Outsourcing market has been witnessing an increasing demand for automation and cloud-based solutions, followed by the emergence of booming blogging and social media outsourcing. Considering the gaining popularity of cloud- based solutions and looking at the foremost outsourcing trends for the year, 2015 is promising to be tougher yet filled with surprises for the Outsourcing market.

According to Statista, Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) generated 76.1 billion U.S dollars worldwide in 2014, whereas, Business process outsourcing generated 28.5 billion U.S. dollars. In 2014, India was the best country for offshoring, when its financial attractiveness, the skills and availability of its people and its business environment were considered together.

That being said, even after the emergence of Outsourcing sector for more than two decades now, Software Development Outsourcing is yet being approached with certain doubts, risks and unknown factors concerning to quality of work, costing, project timeline, and many more aspects. When at times IT functions appear to make good sense, these factors listed below tend to hinder the outsourcing decision of potential companies seeking outsourcing services for their business objectives.

We have gathered a list of common difficulties and doubts faced by organizations while making Outsourcing decision:

  • Doubts regarding the Real Cost of Outsourcing services.
  • Unsure of the Quality of Work inspite of large investments.
  • Uncertainty of getting the Project delivered in given Time.
  • Risk of being kept Out of the Loop during project implementation.
  • The risk of poor return on investment due to Lack of Consistency.
  • Unsure of the outsourcing company of keeping the risk factors at bay.

As a Solution, OpenXcell, an offshore Software development Company, offers a distinctive outsourcing model called ValueShore. OpenXcell’s ValueShore model closely focuses on eight features with utmost persistence while delivering outsourcing services for software development. They are, Quality, Responsiveness, Speed, Cost Effectiveness, Risk Elimination, Scalability, Consistency and Value Addition.

What is ValueShore model, and how does it cope up with these obvious outsourcing risks?

Valueshore is OpenXcell’s model for bringing enhanced value to customers who want a better return on their investment through outsourcing. Till date, a multitude of organizations have come to rely on OpenXcell as their best partner for outsourcing software development. For them, Valueshore is the perfect model for planning software development quickly and efficiently. Valueshore emphasizes responsiveness and makes it a priority to develop software quickly and consistently with agile processes, adding value and ultimately lowering the risk for companies outsourcing their software requirements.


A number of attributes of Valueshore program that are being put into action by OpenXcell:


At OpenXcell, we’ve found that two key elements are needed to ensure high level of quality that our many satisfied customers have come to expect:

  • We are driven to attract, recruit and hire only the finest programming and development talent available in India.
  • Once we find the best talent, we make every effort to retain these excellent developers.


We believe customers deserve the fastest possible turnaround cycle when they contract with development team to produce new software.

At OpenXcell, we developed the Valueshore model to bring our customers speedy results for all their software needs; whether they need a new branded app for mobile devices, a highly engaging game, scalable ecommerce or a cloud based web application.

Cost Effectiveness

We understand that organizations turn to an offshore software development firm to get the most cost effective solution for their software programming needs.

OpenXcell’s Valueshore model is tailor-made for organizations seeking an affordable solution to their software design, programming and development requirements. Instead of spending an enormous amount of time, effort and staff resources researching, recruiting and hiring a development team, you can rely on us for one-stop solutions.


What is next on priority after Cost, speed and quality control? A responsive approach to your needs.

At OpenXcell, staying in touch with the clients is of paramount importance. When you outsource your project, you deserve fast answers to your questions to ensure that the development process isn’t held up. Our developers communicate with you in a timely manner via video conferencing, text and email so you are always in the loop.


A successful business strategy obviously is grounded on speed and quality for software development, but once those criteria have been taken care of, it’s crucial to address your primary need for consistency.

Our methodology and strict quality assurance protocols help ensure that each line of code we write is bug-free and that your software will run reliably and consistently.


Because it is not always a simple matter to predict your scalability needs, it’s important to go with an off site software development business that can adapt to your changing requirements as quickly as possible.

OpenXcell follows just in time principles for managing and allocating resources. It’s good for your business strategy and will definitely help improve your bottom line.

Risk Elimination

While it is nearly impossible to eliminate all risk when it comes to any business proposition, it’s clear that you can get close to 100 percent risk elimination when you partner with the correct offshore software development firm.

At OpenXcell, we take pride in offering an excellent workplace environment and competitive compensation rates to lower our attrition rate and maintain stability in the software development process.

Value Addition

Once you’ve addressed your most pressing concerns for software development with an offshore partner, including accuracy, cost, speed and reliability, it’s time to focus on what kind of additional value the company brings to the table.

The Valueshore model developed at OpenXcell is designed to deliver the most value for our customers at highly affordable prices.


OpenXcell Technolabs has hands on in delivering a plethora of softwares including mobile apps, games, web application and solutions for more than 5 years now. This experience has led the company to closely analyse the needs and expectations of organization seeking outsourcing, and thus emphasizing on delivering Quality, Speed and Value for money through its outsourcing model.

For the benefit of our industry partners, we are ISO 9001 certified to bring you the highest level of quality. Along with that, we are proud to have won the GESIA award for best software company twice so far.

For details on the benefits of the Valueshore Program or to start a new project, please contact OpenXcell today.


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