Openxcell’s model Valueshore comprises of few significant principles that guide us to consistently create value for our customers.


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Valueshore is OpenXcell’s model for bringing enhanced value to customers who want a better return on their investment through outsourcing. As a preeminent software developer in India, our knowledgeable team has the expertise and experience to quickly take large scale projects from concept to finish giving the value for money.

Our relentless efficiency and attention to detail ensure that you will get a faster time to market with your software.
Organizations that have experienced dramatic growth may now have emerging software needs but lack sufficient resources to develop these applications in-house. As part of your business strategy, it now makes sense to outsource software development.

Going with an offshore developer provides a number of benefits, including access to a highly educated talent pool, which is particularly important when there is a shortage of local qualified workers. Outsourcing also lets you lower your programming costs and focus your own human capital on mission-critical tasks to get a better ROI.

To ensure a good value for cost, organizations will typically follow a structured process when they find the right partner to outsource their software, such as floating an RFP, conference calls, series of presentations by multiple stakeholders, development of  Proof-of-Concept (POCs), and so on.

Whether you have outsourced software development before or if this is your first experience working with an offshore developer, it’s crucial to find a strategic partner that will be there for you over the long haul. You want a team of developers that can turn your project around quickly while maintaining the highest level of quality and controlling costs to stay within your budget. This lets you boost your bottom line without having to sacrifice on software reliability.

Unfortunately, not all offshore software developers are created equal. For example, some organizations have problems with outsourcing software when the developers fail to respond in a timely manner to requests for information. An inexperienced developer may over-promise, stating that it can meet your deadline even though it is woefully underprepared. You’ll wind up paying more money and your project will take much longer to complete (if it ever does get finished) when you go with an offshore developer that doesn’t have a proven track record of getting projects right the first time, on time and within budget.

Some offsite software teams have limited English language skills, which can dramatically increase the time it takes to begin a project and can often lead to disastrous errors because of a failure to communicate once programming begins in earnest.

This is why so many organizations have come to rely on OpenXcell as their best partner for outsourcing software development. They find that Valueshore is the perfect model for planning software development quickly and efficiently. Valueshore emphasizes responsiveness and makes it a priority to develop software quickly and consistently with agile processes, adding value and ultimately lowering the risk for companies outsourcing their software requirements.

Your organization needs a robust, focused and responsive software development outsourcing company with fluent English speakers that can deliver what you need at a fraction of what you’d pay domestically. Our many satisfied customers can attest that Valueshore is just what you are looking for. For details on the benefits of the Valueshore Program or to start a new project, please contact OpenXcell today.


Attributes of ValueShore


We are driven to provide high-quality services to our clients to help them get the best return on their investment.


We deliver assigned projects on time which helps us build successful business relationships with our clients on a long-term mutual gain basis.

Cost Effective

We have developed the Valueshore model to deliver our clients an affordable solution for their Web and mobile app needs.


We value consumer’s time. We are extremely fast in responding to all your questions, requests and doubts pertaining to Web and mobile projects.


We strongly believe in maintaining consistency which has helped us sustain our customers and turn them into brand advocates.


OpenXcell’s Valueshore model ensures we provide scalable Web and mobile solutions which can expand and grow with your business.

Risk Elimination

We eliminate all risk factors by providing security for critical business information and completing the project on-time and within budget.

Value Addition

Our key objective is customer satisfaction. We strive to provide additional values to our customers to ensure they are completely satisfied with the end-product.

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