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When you outsource your software development, one of your first motivations is to save time and money compared to the results you would get by working with designers, programmers and developers in your organization’s home country.

However, you do not want to sacrifice quality just to get your project done quickly and inexpensively. The key to success with your app is to partner with a responsible development firm that has a proven track record of achieving excellence in all of its outsourcing endeavours.

At OpenXcell, we’ve found that two key elements are needed to ensure the high level of quality that our many satisfied customers have come to expect:

  1. We are driven to attract, recruit and hire only the finest programming and development talent available in India.
  2. Once we find the best talent, we make every effort to retain these excellent developers.

We achieve this by fostering an environment that supports rigorous and creative thinking, problem-solving skills and open communication.

We provide highly competitive wages to our talented and knowledgeable professionals to not only motivate them to do their very best, but to stay with us for the long haul.

For the benefit of our industry partners, we are ISO 9001 certified to bring you the highest level of quality. To save time, resources and brainpower, we don’t manage our development process with CMMI staging, as the Valueshore model is much more efficient and causes less disruption. We are proud to have won the GESIA award for best software company twice so far.

We appreciate these accolades, but we also recognize the importance of rewarding our employees based on regular, intensive evaluations and appraisals of their efforts. In fact, we only hire those who meet our standards of the best value proposition for programming, design and development.

For high quality software outsourcing that gives the best return on investment, savvy companies rely on the Valueshore model.

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